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My contribution to the awareness of this carnage in the great lakes region is based on the events that have taken place where people were slaughtered in the eyes of the international community since October 1990 and no action has ever been taken to punish the perpetrators up to this date (28/08/2016). I am an independent analyst of the cause of the endless conflict and insecurity in the great lakes region. This is my own opinion and analysis of why peace and security are not being achieved in the region and why Hutu population/Bantous have become the main killing targets.

All started by the launch of an attack by Front Patriotique Rwandais (FPR/RPF) on Rwanda on the 1st October 1990. FPR was mostly composed by tutsi who fled in and after 1959 Rwandan revolution that abolished the monarch and introduced the republic in Rwanda.  During this old system the majority population hutu (85%) were under an oppressive regime of the minority Tutsi (14%).

The people who did not like the change fled in the neighbouring countries (Uganda, DRC, Tanzania and Burundi) and came back in 60s as an armed group called INYENZI. Their struggle did not succeed after many attempts trying to overthrow the late president Gregoire Kayibanda government, and came back in 1990 under another name FPR-Inkotanyi. This time around most of leaders in FPR were Ugandan officers and the attack was actually Uganda attacking Rwanda where many western powerful countries were behind like the USA, UK, Canada, Belgium and Israel.

There was a conflict that trigged the negotiations between FPR and late president Juvenal Habyarimana in Arusha (Tanzania) in 1993. In these negotiations, the interim government was negotiated and FPR was getting almost 50% share. The elections were supposed to take place within 18 months and in Rwanda many political parties were working without any intimidation, democracy in Rwanda was on the card.

The honeymoon was not to last for a long time, FPR with the help of its western allies shot down the presidential jet that was carrying two Hutu presidents, Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira from Rwanda and Burundi, respectively. This triggered the 1994 engineered massacres by FPR and its allies (

I call them “engineered massacres” because where FPR was controlling before 1994, many hutu were massacred without any distinction in Byumba and Ruhengeri (northern part of the country). FPR enjoyed a full support from the western media. FPR sent its commandos in 1993 to kill tutsi in the northern part of Rwanda (Gisenyi) known as Abagogwe. This heinous act was performed killing their own ethnic group people in order to tarnish the image of the then Habyarimana government.

After the shooting down of the presidential jet, RPF soldiers who were in Kigali at CND (National assembly building) came out wearing Interahamwe uniform and started killing people (the unreleased satellite images will confirm these ordinary people observations). This tricky behaviour was to tarnish image of Interahamwe and push also Interahamwe to kill people in this created chaos. Inkotanyi in Interahamwe uniform were the ones who were taking the best pictures to send to the western media.

It is here the embargo was taken against the interim government of late president Theodore Sindikubwabo and Prime Minister Kambanda. RPF that resumed immediately fighting after killing both presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira, refused to stop fighting after multiple calls by the interim government. Besides, on the 30th April 1994, RPF wrote a letter to the UN refusing any troops from outside that would come to help Rwandans who were being slaughtered.

RPF soldiers were implementing what they termed “Punguza” swahili word meaning “reduce” to reduce hutu population. This carnage took almost 3 months while the international community was watching. Remember that those who have a big say in the UNSC were behind FPR all the way. Researchers on 1994 Rwandan massacres have concluded that around 300 000 Tutsi and 700 000 Hutu were killed. It is very sad to see a carnage like this taking place in our modern society where communication technology is well advanced (

The pursuit of African resources continued in the neighbouring country DRC in 1996. It is here where another slaughter took place of Hutu refugees, more than 300 000 lost their lives. This carnage was carried out by Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA/RPF). The killing reached other places like Tingi-Tingi, Mbandaka and others. The horrible thing is that the UNHCR has abandoned the survivors of these massacres for more than 20 years.

What is going on now in the eastern DRC?

Where are the natural resources? This is the only worry of the powerful nations who would influence the UNSC to restore peace in the great lakes region. MONUSCO has around 20 000 troops, but the killings in Beni in the last few months are horrible. FARDC troops are in the region, but it is very hard to know whom they are working for ( The reason I am saying this is the existence of local armed groups to protect themselves. One might think it is a rebellion formed in the country, this is one view. The other view is the insecurity in the region where no one cares.

I may start with the existence of FDLR, Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda (, this group was formed in 2000 after all atrocities I have mentioned above and after concluding that the international community does not care about Hutu refugees. These refugees were pushed to the end and decided to go into eastern DRC deep forests.

These attacks have been carried by Rwandan forces together with Congolese forces over many years. FDLR, made of refugees who stood firm to deny the pursuit of extermination of hutu refugees in DRC, has made clear that the political solution is needed to bring peace and stability in the region. FDLR has raised the voice for the voiceless but the international community has ignored the call. The proposal was to hold a frank and inclusive inter-Rwandan dialogue between RPF government and the Rwandan opposition.

This can pave the way for the return of refugees from DRC and from other countries where they sought refuge. This call has hit the hard wall and RPF and its western allies are deciding to hunt and kill Hutu population in DRC. They took a voluntarily contribution to this idea by deposing their weapons in front of the whole world and especially the regional bodies like SADC. The naked truth camps of Kanyabayonga (Noth Kivu), Walungu (South Kivu) and Kisangani have former FDLR freedom fighters (

Rwandan Refugees (more than 250 000) do not get any support from the UNHCR, only their survival depends mostly on their fellow human beings Congolese who have been suffering from murder, rape from different groups like RCD, CNDP and M23 known to have been supported by Rwanda. The birth and existence of FDLR was a must for the survival of the survivors of the RPA/RPF massacres since 1996.

This organisation has become the voice of Rwandan refugees who are being hunted by Kagame forces with support from western corporations and organisations like American organisation ENOUGH PROJECT. I am sorry to say that Hutu Congolese also are included as they oppose the occupation of their mother land from foreign forces. Those who know what is going in the eastern DRC, in the last months there were conflicts opposing Hutu Congolese and other tribes like Nande.

These conflicts in my view are instigated from outside together with the insiders who are supporting the chaos in the region. The ultimate goal is to kill and chase all Hutu in the region, be it Congolese or Rwandan refugees. This move where the Congolese forces (FARDC) tend not to master very well and give security to each and everybody living in Congo regardless of his/her tribe is the source of other local armed groups.

Figure 1 The South Soudan rebels under the former vice president Riek Machar getting lifted by MONUSCO to Beni.

Figure 1 The South Soudan rebels under the former vice president Riek Machar getting lifted by MONUSCO to Beni.

There are some armed groups like APCLS and Nyatura that might be there for lack of safety of their people. Another reason of existence of these armed groups might be the satellite armed groups (mai mai groups like Rai Mutomboki) of Kagame operating in Congo to fight against what he terms as enemies (Hutu population).

Why hunting and killing Hutu population in the eastern DRC?

It is known that the Rwandan Hutu population was not given justice by the international community. There is a total impunity in the great lakes region. It is not only these ones, the Congolese also were killed and raped in millions by foreign troops (RPA/RPF, Ugandan forces and EX-FAB from Burundi) during the wars of 1996-2000. The 2010 UN mapping report of crimes committed between 1993 and 2003 highlights all these massacres ( These Congolese were denied justice. The perpetrators are still going around freely.

Hunting Hutu population is fully supported by three presidents in the region, President Paul Kagame, President Kaguta Museveni and President Joseph Kabila. These Hutu who are survivors of the 1996 up to now massacres are a big stumbling block for them to control the wealth of the eastern DRC as instructed by their western masters. What remains is how to achieve it.

Figure 2 The famous bloody Coltan business where small airplanes land and take off on Walikale aerodrome. Walikale is in DRC and situated at 135 km west of Goma between Bukavu and Lubutu on RN3. It is now known that a Canadian company (AB Minerals Corporation) is going to build a Coltan factory in Rwanda that will be finished by the mid-2017. Rwanda is known as the first producer of Coltan in the world, contributing around 30% on the world market. The Congolese authority does not have an official control of this Walikale Coltan business.

Figure 2 The famous bloody Coltan business where small airplanes land and take off on Walikale aerodrome. Walikale is in DRC and situated at 135 km west of Goma between Bukavu and Lubutu on RN3. It is now known that a Canadian company (AB Minerals Corporation) is going to build a Coltan factory in Rwanda that will be finished by the mid-2017. Rwanda is known as the first producer of Coltan in the world, contributing around 30% on the world market. The Congolese authority does not have an official control of this Walikale Coltan business.

The Hutu population opposes this slavery that is being imposed upon the shoulders of the bantous in the great lakes region. Therefore, they are the main targets. This idea emanates from the plan where the minority Tutsi should control the wealth in the region with the support of their western allies. Those who see that this move will bring endless wars are seen as enemies, be it Hutu or Tutsi. Because Hutu/Bantous are majority in the region they constitute their main target, they have to be killed and reduced. This can explain the killings of 6 million of Congolese in the previous wars. No one was held accountable for this heinous act (

How are they going to achieve it?

To create groups of Bantous who are against each other, infiltrate them and ignite the killings among themselves (e.g. Nande and Hutu). After they will kill the survivors by starting with their chiefs. This tactic worked for them in Rwanda during 1990-94 where Rwandans (Hutu) were divided according to their regions and they ended up fighting against themselves. When RPF arrived on power all educated Hutus were killed or forced into exile regardless which region they come from.

To penetrate each tribe and use money and empty promises to kill their chiefs. As I write, the newly formed group CNRD-Ubwiyunge members (defection from FDLR) are hunting the FDLR leaders. It is a small group, but it creates a pipe for RDF/RPF to hunt and kill Hutu refugees.

To collaborate with the current DRC president Joseph Kabila and allow foreign troops enter the territory without the National assembly approval. These foreign forces are the ones that kill Congolese and go back home without being held accountable.

A word to the Congolese in the eastern DRC

This invasion of balkanisation of your region can fail if you work together and avoid tribalism in your struggle. Congolese should know that Hutu population can put in place a reasonable resistance to these foreign troops, the cooperation is encouraged to optimise their resistance. Please share information with your chiefs from all tribes especially Bantous tribes that are targets of the enemies. Avoid enemy traps of money and empty promises.

A word to Rwandan Hutu refugees

Work well with the population that welcomed you and remember that you have suffered together more than 20 years. Have a love towards those who do bad things and be eager to explain to them why you are still in exile, because some do not know. Please explain to your neighbours the traps of President Kagame’s people and how RPF operates to create chaos among a happy nation.


The killings of the Hutu population since 1990 is nothing else than to create a situation in the great lakes region where Bantous are slaves and the wealth is in the hands of the minority Tutsi with the support of western allies who want to loot African natural resources.

The rhetoric of problems between ethnic groups and tribes are the tools used to divide and conquer by those who want to loot African natural resources.

I would like to ask all Bantous in the great lakes region and Tutsi who see that this slavery can create endless wars to stand up together and fight against these evil ideas. Please let us think about our African brothers and sisters before we go overseas, if not we will kill each other while the overseas man is enjoying African wealth.

Intabaza’s Reader,

David Rudatinya

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