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The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) denounce and condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly, despicable, blind and indiscriminate attacks against Rwandan refugees in eastern DRC, RUTCHURU territory, by FARDC soldiers backed by KASENGO militia and members of the Rwandan special forces as well as CNRD elements wearing FARDC uniforms. The soldiers of the Rwanda Defense Forces have recently entered the DRC territory openly through the Virunga area.

These attacks began on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 and caused a huge exodus among Rwandan refugees and Congolese population, and the death of several people whose number is not yet determined. Looting refugee property was also made by soldiers throughout their passages.

Additionally, more than twenty women were abducted by soldiers and taken to an unknown destination.

The FDLR urge the DRC authorities to cease immediately those attacks targeting civilians and defenseless Rwandan refugees.

They ask the bloody regime of the RPF-Inkotanyi in Kigali to stop hunting down its own people including its opponents and refugees living in DRC or elsewhere in Africa and worldwide.

The FDLR call on the international community as a whole to condemn unequivocally these murderous attacks against helpless and defenseless Rwandan refugees and to urge Rwanda and the DRC authorities to immediately stop these attacks.

The FDLR call on humanitarian organizations both regional and international particularly UNHCR and the Red Cross to extend their valuable aid to those helpless Rwandan refugees in Eastern DRC.

The FDLR remain committed to peace and stability in the African Great Lakes Region and recall that only a peaceful solution through negotiations is the only viable way to sustainably solve the Rwandan problem.

Done in Masisi (DRC) on August 27 th, 2016

La Forge Fils Bazeye

Information Commissioner and Spokesperson of the FDLR

Email :

Tel : +243-812 808422

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