Bill Clinton behind the pre-conceived plot in the Rwanda genocide

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He not only refused to intervene, but also he actively sought to allow it to happen.

Who will pay, Kagame or Clinton to compensate all of these victims? Does it dependent on the will of the Genocide victims?

The day Bill Clinton touched down on Kigali airport in March 1997 to meet with his friend Paul Kagame, American people and the rest of the World thought he was there on the compassion grounds. Well, it was a mistake!

Bill Clinton was very worried because of the discovery of the top secret of Rwanda tragedy. That day, Clinton managed to deliver a well calculated speech, but he betrayed the profound of his heart and failed to mention genocide in his address: «It may seem strange to you here, especially the many of you who lost members of your family, but people like me sitting in offices, day after day after day, who did not fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which you were engulfed by this unimaginable terror».

Apart the content of the speech, the most important thing, here, is the timing: it was in March 1997! Do you remember what happened few days before, at the end of February 1997? Well, ICTR Judge from Australia, Michael Hourigan, in deep secrecy of special investigation, discovered that it had been Kagame and Bill Clinton who shot down the Habyarimana aircraft, triggering the Rwanda tragedy. Michael Hourigan was afraid to single out publicly the name of Clinton. But today, 16 years from then, in video conference from his native Australia, Hourigan believes it is time to tell the truth to the World.

So, how did the truth come out? It was February 26th, 1997. From the U.S. Embassy in Kigali, ICTR Judge Michael Hourigan (from Australia) made the famous «Phone Call from Rwanda» to his top boss in The Hague (Holland), ICTR Chief Prosecutor Louise Arbour (from Canada) to enjoy the discovery of the top sensitive information. Immediately, the «Kind Lady» in full excitement, called New York to inform the then U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan. The «Cold Bath»: Kofi Annan knew, 2 years before, in Kigali office of the then Rwanda Foreign Minister JMV Ndagijimana that it had been Bill Clinton who ordered the assassination of Habyarimana and hoped the information will never come out. Kofi Annan informed immediately Madeleine Albright, the Clinton Secretary of State who picked Annan as U.N. Secretary General to replace the «Frenchy» Boutros Ghali.



Madeleine Albright landed in Oval Office in no time: «Mr. President, our action against France in Rwanda tragedy has come out. ICTR investigators have discovered we shot down the french aircraft». It was the beginning of the long story of cover-up: Louise Arbour was ordered to fire the ICTR Prosecutor Michael Hourigan and kill investigation. Kofi Annan was ordered to send to Rwanda Michael Hall of the U.N. Security Services to arrange a quick departure of Michael Hourigan from Rwanda.

Then, Bill Clinton ordered Madeleine Albright to put pressure on ICTR Judges and not to investigate the event that triggered the Rwanda genocide, the shooting down of Habyarimana aircraft. Were those preventing orders enough to secure Clinton peace of mind? The idea to be called, one day, an American Terrorist hurt: «Aucun témoin ne doit survivre». None must know I shot down Habyarimana, a former Clinton top aid can recall today. Bill Clinton wanted to meet Paul Kagame, his friend in terrorism, immediately. «Yes, Mr President», responded contemporarily Madeleine Albright and Susan Rice, like students in classroom.

Few days later, Bill Clinton landed on Kigali airport in Rwanda and, after the infamous speech, he ordered Paul Kagame to kill all people who may know about the Habyarimana assassination, starting with people listed on Hourigan memo handed over to Louise Arbour in The Hague few days before: it was the beginning of the long history of assassinations around the World and around the clock. It was in that Evil Spirit of cover-up ordered by Bill Clinton that Seth Sendashonga and Theoneste Lizinde, who helped the Clinton agents to shoot down the Habyarimana Aircraft, were assassinated in Nairobi, Kenya, few weeks later. And recently, Bill Clinton advised Kagame to assassinate Rwandan General Faustin Nyamwasa in South Africa and when the assassination failed, Clinton ran quick to South Africa for press  Cover-up.


But how Bill Clinton became involved in terrorist acts behind Kagame? «The day the Cold War Wall was shot down in Berlin in 1989 among many festivities, French President François Mittérrand did not know that France was going to be the next target of American Empire. 20 years later from then, the picture of that American Invisible War against France is horrific: 12 millions of people killed in French Speaking Africa and a certified case of genocide in Rwanda. And the victims are all the African Negros. So, who knew? And when did they know? Well, unfortunately, the man who first brought the infamous idea on the table is our Black Hero, General Colin Powell. Error: 103.

It all began on November 25th,1987, in California, on the hills of Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara, at the Ranch of President Reagan. The General is happy to tell his Boss the Cold War with the soviets is over: «Mr President, the Kremlin has no longer the stamina to carry on, the Defense Secretary George Shultz has reached a nuclear deal with the Soviets yesterday».

The President, in full excitement, invited the General to find a new enemy to fight. And the new enemy will be France Empire in Africa. Congo resources were designated as a crucial treasure to seize at any cost, including genocides. As a New Order was fired up from Washington, French President François Mitterrand perceived the threat and decided to anticipate the move to prevent.

He invited all African Presidents under his control to La Baule (France) and imposed them the radical change in Public Governance (Democracy), to correct the so called «French Mistakes» in Sarkozy apology speech at Gisozi Genocide Memorial (Rwanda) in February 2010, to abide to the wishes of Mr. Kouchner, his Foreign Minister and autoproclamed friend of Paul Kagame.

But it was too late! Washington was not interested in Africa democracy, Washington was instead attracted by the immense mineral resources of Congo.

Bill Clinton came into Oval Office at the right time and with the right people. But he made a big mistake, choosing an uneducated man and former baby soldier: Paul Kagame. On October 1st, 1990, as Rwanda President Juvénal Habyarimana refused to betray the French, the Pentagon decided to invade Rwanda via Uganda, hiding behind RPF rebellion. That day, Rwanda President Juvénal Habyarimana was in Washington and the U.S. State Department offered him asylum in exchange of giving all powers to Kagame RPF.

The President turned down the offer and went back to Rwanda. From October 1990 to January 1993, the Pentagon (Dick Cheny, Colin Powell) assisted Kagame, giving him all what he needed to overthrow the Rwanda government. But as France landed its troops in Rwanda to push for negotiations and democracy between Rwandan government and Kagame RPF, Washington realized it will not be possible to invade Congo with a democratic government in Rwanda: Washington needed a proxy man in Rwanda. Here comes in a plan B: assassinating Hutu Leaders!

In September 1993, Bill Clinton ordered the Pentagon and the CIA to help Kagame to assassinate the Hutu President of Burundi, Melchior Ndadaye, Rwanda neighbor and ally of France. On October 20th,1993, Kagame with his death squads and CIA agents flew to Bujumbura: President Melchior Ndadaye was assassinated, cut to pieces with knives; the Kagame way of killing his victims. When Kagame went back to Kampala few days after from his evil mission in Bujumbura, he was received by Brian Atwood, the USAID Director, to finalize the plan of assassinating Rwanda President Juvénal Habyarimana. As an informer can recall today, Kagame was reluctant and warned of a cataclysm in Rwanda if President Habyarimana had to be killed like Burundian Ndadaye.

But Bill Clinton, through his Ambassador George Moose, told Kagame that assassinating Habyarimana was the only way to win the war quickly. The CIA estimated 50 thousands of people to be killed as a consequence of Habyarimana assassination, an acceptable sacrifice and a good price to pay for a just cause. The Pentagon promised to provide everything Kagame needed, including intelligence and military assistance.

Kagame accepted the risk and invited Lizinde and Kanyarengwe, two Hutu rebels and former allies of President Habyarimana, to put in place a plan of assassination. Alex Kanyarengwe suggested a shooting down of Habyarimana aircraft and Théoneste Lizinde indicated the best location to shoot the presidential jet: Masaka Hill, around Kanombe Airport.

In December 1993, Kagame met once again with Brian Atwood, Prudence Bushnell and U.S. Ambassador George Moose: «Tell Clinton I need money and weapons», a high ranking RPF official in exile can recall today. Bill Clinton, via Kampala, provided everything to Kagame rebellion: money, men, intelligence and weapons were flown in by C130 Hercules. Political tactics to kill Habyarimana were carried out by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Clinton request. Tanzanian President Hassan Mwinyi joined the plot and President Habyarimana was forced out to fly to Dar-Es-Salaam on April 6th, 1994, for an infamous meeting: He will never come back home.

So, what happened that day? On April 6th, 1994, Bill Clinton ordered the Pentagon to send 450 U.S. rangers to Burundi to help CIA agents in Rwanda to execute the assassination smoothly. That day, in morning, Madeleine Albright, the Clinton Ambassador to the U.N., ordered General Romeo Dallaire (from Canada), who was in Rwanda as a U.N. forces commander, to facilitate RPF and CIA agents to travel to Rwanda Kagera Park, in U.N. vehicles, to monitor the return of Habyarimana aircraft in evening from Tanzania and alert the Terror Team at Masaka Hill to get ready for the downing. The same day, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni received order from Bill Clinton to make sure that the Habyarimana return to Kigali is made at night.

At 8,01 PM, the CIA spies detected the Habyarimana aircraft flying over Kagera Park and informed immediately Kagame Headquarters in Mulindi and called U.S. Troops already stationed on Bujumbura airport and the then U.S Ambassador in Burundi, Robert Kruer, to be ready for a possible catastrophic in Rwanda. From Mulindi, the then RPF headquarters, Kagame sent a radio message to the terrorist team already at Masaka Hill to get ready for the Black Bag Job.

In Washington, Bill Clinton was sitting in Oval Office, waiting for «Good News». In Kigali, Canadian General Romeo Dallaire switched off all his phones and disappeared, engaged in Secret Conversations with CIA officials. At 8.21 PM, around Kigali Airport, the Habyarimana pilot, French, radioed the control tower and received permission to land. But during descent to the runway, two missiles went off from Masaka Hill towards the presidential aircraft. None on board survived.

The good news hit the White House in no time and Antony Lake, Bill Clinton National Security Adviser entered in Oval Office: Mr President, we did it; Congo will be American. Few minutes later, Robert Flaten, U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda at the time, was on phone to confirm the report. It was a joy in White House and a Sad Day in Champs Elysées.

The ultimate objective was to overthrow France from Congo and occupy the Congolese immense mineral resources. Bill Clinton agreed to support the Kagame rebels in return for Kagame acting as a U.S. Proxy to invade Congo and overthrow the Frenchy Mobutu government. In March 1997, Clinton landed on Kigali airport and pronounced the infamous speech.

Then, hiding behind Kagame, he invaded Congo, killed 8 millions of people including Spanish Nationals, overthrew France, and looted the Congo resources: hundreds of millions of U.S. Dollars ended in Clinton pocket and Kagame can afford 2 luxury private jets and a huge building in London with Tony Blair as co-share holder.

But in January 2009, when Obama became U.S. President, Clinton and Kagame, who were Friends in Crimes, became Enemies in Justice. Why? Obama ordered Kagame to arrest the Congo General Laurent Nkunda and in reaction Kagame plotted to kill Obama, seeking help from Clinton and from Tony Blair to shoot down Air Force One, exactly the same way he did to eliminate Dr. Alison Des Forges. When the information went public, probably Obama knew about it and Clinton had to distance himself from Kagame.

At the same time, the ICTR revealed the perpetrators of the Habyarimana assassination and now the family of victims are seeking justice in courts. The Lawsuit in Oklahoma Court is seeking 350 million U.S. Dollars for compensation of that wrongful death in terrorist assassination over Kigali airport on April 6th,1994, the money Kagame cannot afford. But Kagame killed also 8 millions, including Spanish Nationals, in Congo during the illegal invasion and illegal occupation on Bill Clinton order.
How much money will be needed to compensate all these victims? Who will pay, Kagame or Clinton? The Spanish Judge thinks Bill Clinton must pay this money. And the Skinney Man of Kigali has understood that and is ready to accuse Bill Clinton in Court as Hillary Clinton begins to criticize him publicly.

The Strong Man of Kigali is in good position to destroy America. And he has began to intimidate United States publicly: «The West (…), you know (…), Clinton ordered me to kill Habyarimana (…), to invade Congo (…), and now he wants me to face justice alone (…)». According to an RPF top official in Kagame Secret Services, several American politicians will end in court of justice on charges of terrorism if Kagame is arrested: Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Bill Perry, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Suzan Rice, Brian Atwood, Antony Lake, John Shalikashvili, Pierre Richard Prosper, Robert Kruer, Kofi Annan, Romeo Dallaire, Louise Arbour and many more.

So, what about Kagame? Is he an innocent man? Many Lawyers in Spain think Kagame is an innocent man. If it is demonstrated that Bill Clinton ordered Kagame to kill Habyarimana and forced him to invade Congo, then Kagame cannot be arrested and all responsibility befalls on Bill Clinton. According to the Law and the Agency Theory, Kagame is an innocent man as he acted on order of his principal Bill Clinton and Kagame is in good position to demonstrate that.

Behind the scenes, the case of «Kagame vs Clinton» in court is attracting many lawyers around the World. Because it is easy to defend Kagame in Court Room, to win the case and cash millions of Dollars from Bill Clinton.

But recently, in Toronto (Canada), Bill Clinton denied any involvement in Rwanda tragedy. Was he honest? Few weeks ago, I put that question to one of former Bill Clinton Legal Advisers: How do you respond to those Spanish Judges who are planning to arrest Clinton on Charges of terrorism in Rwanda and Congo in 1994 according to Agency Theory? «Well, you know, theories are beautiful but in Court Room they need evidence».

But French Judge Jean Louis Bruguière told me, years ago, there is enough evidence implicating Bill Clinton in Habyarimana assassination. Australian Lawyer and former ICTR Prosecutor Michael Hourigan confirmed the report. Former ICTR Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte (Swiss) confirmed the Clinton implication.

Kagame himself did understand the danger and probably he is ready to tell the truth to save his life. And Former U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda Robert Flaten confirmed that U.S. rangers were stationed on Bujumbura Airport on April 6th, 1994: who sent them there, what were they doing there in French Country, and why that day?
«None knows the day Bill Clinton will be arrested, but a Super Judge in Spain is ready to shock America any time soon».



Audiencia Nazionale, Madrid, Spain Tribunal de Hautes Instances, Paris, France

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  1. Johnson shricker, USA says:

    Bill Clinton, should be answerable,to Hutus and Tutsis who were killed during kagame regime.

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