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February 5, 2016

On Monday February 2nd,2016 in Luofu, a groupe of Nande militiamen killed 5 Congolese Hutus in what has become now a normal routine in that part of the country. According to local radio stations this confrontation was halted when Monusco forces in the area intervened killing one Ndande and one Hutu.

 Governor of North Kivu, Julien Paluku.

Governor of North Kivu, Julien Paluku.

This second incident involving Monusco took place on Tuesday Feb 3,2016 For the last several months at the instigation of both the Government of Kigali and the Governor of North Kivu, Julien Paluku, an assortment of tribal militias has been put together to hunt down and kill all ethnic hutus refugees and native congolese alike with the aim to ignite a tribal war; a move that will then allow Rwanda to openly invade Congo one more time under the pretense of stopping genocide and restoring peace.




Pierre MUNYEMANA Goma,

North Kivu, DRC.

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  1. Steven Svay dit :

    10/5/2016 @ 16:55:21 says well done intabaza.com!

  2. Peace dit :

    Njyewe nfite ikibazo kuli radio Umucunguzi Ndabaza niba bishoboka ko abayunva babwirwa gahunda y’ibiganiro kuburyo umuntu yajya agena igihe cye murabizi imiruho yubu buzima. Uko ngiye kuyunva nunva ari indirimbo gusa.Yego limwe na limwe indirimbo ziha umuntu akanya ko kuruhuka ariko si buri gihe. Nigeze guhuriramo nibiganiro byiza ku karere nunva ari byiza cyane ariko uko ngerageje ngo nunve ko nakunva ibindi reka..nunva indirimbo zImana ubundi izindi populaires nuko none ubu narazirambiwe.Ese ntimwatubwira nibura isaha igenewe amakuru cg ibiganiro noneho nkajya ngenekereza iyo saha ngafungura radio?
    Muzaba mugize neza nimusubiza iki kibazo

  3. Mbonyingabo dit :

    The leaders of FDLR out to support the change so that they will be able to get a leader who can give peace to all people. FDLR have two option: to lead the war against Kigali or to change the leadership in DRC as they did in Congo Brazzaville. If they will not support the change in DRC meaning that they chose to continue suffer.

    • Emmanuel dit :

      fdlr is a peaceful made rebal movement, they are for peace and r are peace makers not pouchistes.

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