Yet again Rwandan refugees mourn the loss of a new born baby in Kisangani

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As we previously reported in numerous articles, the former FDLR combatants with their families in Lt Gen Bauma Kisangani camp have been facing many difficulties in all areas of their lives and the situation is getting worse day by day, particularly on the health aspects of vulnerable women and children. The non-existent of pre-natal care has caused many expected mothers to lose their babies pre-mutually. For example, since January 2016 to date, the camp has had eight cases of abortions and of still born babies (Mukandayisenga Florence, Murekatete Francine, N. Nsengiyera Esperence, Uwimana Colette, Tumukunde Angel, Dusabimana Angeline, Jeanne Nyirashimiyimana, Nyirasabimana Marguerite). In 2015, a 3 month baby died of a simple case of diarrhoea with stocks of medicines around while health professionals stayed away.

Since Saturday the 11 February 2017, four pregnant mothers (A. Solange, MUKANYANA violet, Valerie UWINGENEYE and UWAMARIYA Rose) showed warning signs of labour and the camp administration was alerted in the respect to this urgent situation. However nothing was done and so far two of them were able to give birth without any medical assistance. Yesterday another pregnant woman (Ikimpaye Dorothee) went into labour and sadly lost her baby.

Mukanyana Violette

Mukanyana Violette
Umuhoza Solange

Umuhoza Solange

We are therefore calling for the Government of the DR Congo, MONUSCO representative and international humanitarian communities to show humanity to these venerable human beings.



Source:Yet again Rwandan refugees mourn the loss of a new born baby in Kisangani

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