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It is indeed a tough question to answer, but with the help of some examples together with a deep analysis of different conflicts that have taken place in the great lakes region since 1990, a convincing argument of this evil idea can be put in place. You can like it or not, nothing can happen without any source, reason, origin and other elements you can name that can be the beginning of the existence of what we see happening.

Sometimes what is in the mind can be a big problem, some African black people call themselves Jews (http://www.congopage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4678). It will never be easy for the public to know exactly where the misery is coming from. This has been tough because of the ownership of the media. Those who want to take a big share of world resources control and manipulate the media to shape the minds of their servants. Nowadays, you will hear people talking about fake news.

The real truth is hard to tell, this can change positively the world. The great lakes region is rich in natural resources and the western powerful nations (or their corporations) do not like the negotiated price, they want to get access to resources freely or with their very low chosen price.

Before 1959, Rwanda was a monarchy. A tutsi boy born with grains in his fist was the one to become the King of the country for 450 years. This fake news was to be spread among the ordinary people under slavery using a fearful drum Kalinga which was decorated with human parts from male hutu.

“The Tutsi vs. Hutu relationship in Rwanda has been marred with gruesome human rights violations committed and perpetuated by Tutsis for centuries. Belgian colonialism did very little to alleviate the brutality, enslavement, dehumanization and all sorts of suffering which Hutus endured for centuries at the hands of Tutsi minority who controlled that country with an iron hand. Hutus were nothing but slaves of Tutsis.

Each Hutu was obliged to perform UBURETWA which was labor performed by Hutus which symbolized the most degrading and humiliating form of servitude. Hence, a Hutu was required to put in a day s work at a property of a Tutsi master without pay. The harvest of the land belonged to Tutsis who had the right and privilege of enjoying whatever the Hutu labor produced. Yet the Hutus could use left-overs at the discretion of the Master Tutsis.

 Needless to say, land belonged to Tutsis and Hutus had one duty and that is of working on it for the benefit of the masters. Such institutionalized impoverishment forced many Hutus to seek paid employment in Uganda. Others sought labor jobs in Congo. Whenever a Hutu slave/servant failed to perform his duties at the Tutsi master s property, the punishment was 8 lashes by kiboko (a whip made out of a dry skin of a hippopotamus).

Educational opportunities were for only Tutsis, thus creating a mass of ignorant and uneducated population of Hutus. Only at the discretion of a Master to his extraordinarily obedient and docile slave, could a Hutu s child be permitted to attend school but only up to a certain level, as may be wished by the masters. Government positions, from the King down to the lowest level, were exclusively for Tutsis. The brutality of Tutsis over Hutus had no limits. It became their second nature that neither human decency nor moral/spiritual values could influence the way Tutsis treated Hutus.

For instance, Umwami, (king) official drum and symbol of royalty, called KALINGA, was decorated with the dried penises of Hutu men. The Queen Mother, who wielded significant power, had her two spears symbols of authority anchored in two Hutu babies or adults. A Tutsi had a right to kill a Hutu for any reason, including simple displeasure of a Hutu s looks.

Sometimes such killing could be done by parents to please their child who may have expressed a hatred of a Hutu for any reason” (https://repositories.lib.utexas.edu/bitstream/handle/2152/4486/3588.pdf?sequence=1).

In 1959, there was a revolution that rejected the monarchy system and replaced it with a democratic system where people had to vote for their leaders. Those who were not happy of the change went into exile and kept on coming to attack the country in the early 1960s. This group of unhappy people under INYENZI were defeated and Rwanda had a relative peace until 1990.

In 1948, the UN reports expressed shock at the inequalities in Rwandan social and political structures and called upon the Belgian colonial administration to prepare the population for self-government. The Tutsi did not agree with the UN recommendations and so wanted to keep their status of being superior to Hutus. The first blows of the Hutu revolution were struck in 1959 when a gang of Tutsi youths attacked one of the few Hutu sub-chiefs. The news of his death spread across the country and Hutu moved to retaliate.

The Hutu uprising of 1959 was important because it demonstrated the depth of rural discontent with the Tutsi domination and mistreatment of Hutus. This revolution ended in 1961 when democratic elections and a referendum on the monarchy were held under the UN supervision. The Hutus won by an overwhelming majority vote. The referendum delivered a decisive rejection of the monarchy.

Under the leadership of a charismatic Gregoire Kayibanda, democratically elected Hutus took control of government and Parliament. That revolution which abolished the monarchy, established for the first time in the history of Rwanda a government run by majority Hutus. As a result, thousands of Tutsis who were members of the repressive regime including their Umwami (King) fled to neighboring countries of Uganda, Congo, and Tanzania and beyond (https://repositories.lib.utexas.edu/bitstream/handle/2152/4486/3588.pdf?sequence=1).

Why hima-tutsi empire?

This idea is thought to have started back in 1962.

In the mid-1960s, Obote s regime established a spy and torture organization called GENERAL SERVICE UNIT (GSU) headed by his cousin Akena Adoko and mostly staffed with Tutsi men and women who could easily mingle with the Bantu tribesmen and speak their languages. Their lack of loyalty to any tribe and a deeply rooted second nature of brutality peculiar in them made the Tutsis the best choice to employ in that new GESTAPO. Many Ugandans, particularly those belonging to the opposition Democratic Party were tortured and/or imprisoned.

Properties were looted. Many people were unfairly fired from their jobs because GSU spies found them not to be UPC supporters. Those acts of sabotage and brutality which Obote introduced in the Uganda body politic caused his regime to be abhorred.

By 1970, the country had come to a virtual standstill, polarized by terror, insecurity and tribal hatred. During all that time, Tutsis in GSU were camouflaging as Hima of Ankole others as Bakiga. Little did the world know that on August 6 1962, a TUTSI DYNASTY PLAN was made to colonize the Central African countries (https://repositories.lib.utexas.edu/bitstream/handle/2152/4486/3588.pdf?sequence=1).

FPR attacked Rwanda in 1990 and some western nations were behind including Uganda. This time Uganda government was dominated by Tutsi who were in exile and President Yoweri Museveni supported them as they fought together in the bush to change power in Uganda in 1987. Burundi was under the rule of Pierre Buyoye (Hima tutsi) who denied the democratically elected Hutu Melchior Ndadaye (more than 65% of all votes) to rule and made sure he was killed in 1993. The catch for this heinous plan is in the letter Gen Paul Kagame wrote to former Burundian president Jean Baptiste Bagaza (Hima Tutsi who was later ousted by Maj pierre Buyoya and was forced to flee to Uganda).

Dear Brother Jean Baptiste Bagaza, we have the greatest honor to extend our sincere gratitude to you both for your financial and technical support in our struggle that has just ended with the taking of Kigali.

Rest assured that our plan to continue shall be pursued as we agreed at our last meeting in Kampala. Last week I communicated with our big brother Yoweri Museveni and decided to make some modifications to the plan. Indeed, as you have noted, the taking of Kigali quickly provoked a panic among the Hutus who fled to Goma and Bukavu. We have found that the presence of a large number of Rwandan refugees at Goma and the international community can cause our plan for Zaire to fail.

We cannot occupy ourselves with Zaire until after the return of these Hutus. All means are being used for their return as rapidly as possible. In any case, our external intelligence services continue to crisscross the east of Zaire and our Belgian, British and American collaborators the rest of Zaire. The action reports are expected in the next few days.

Concerning the Burundi plan, we are very content with your work to ensure the failure of the policies of FRODEBU. It is necessary to paralyze the power of FRODEBU until the total ruin of the situation in order to justify your action that must not miss its target. Our soldiers will be deployed this time not only in Bujumbura but in the places you judge strategic. Our elements stationed at Bugesera are ready to intervene at any moment. The plan for Burundi must be executed as soon as possible before the Hutus of Rwanda can organize themselves.

In the hope of seeing you next time at Kigali, we ask you to accept, dear brother, our most respectful greetings’.

Gen. Paul Kagame

Minister of Defense (signed by his assistant, Mr. Rwego)” ((Reference ICTR document number R0002905, letter dated Aug. 10th, 1994, date stamped by the ICTR 8th December, 1994. Marked as page 8 of 12.)) (http://sfbayview.com/2010/09/the-rwandan-patriotic-fronts-bloody-record-and-the-history-of-u-n-cover-ups/)

This letter shows the plan of these Tutsi. It was not only taking Kigali, they wanted to take Bujumbura and Kinshasa. During the Rwandan conflict, RPF never wanted any negotiated power sharing; they ignited the killings and made sure a big number of people were killed to get a powerful weapon of “genocide” to carry out the remaining activities of conquering other countries (http://intabaza.com/?p=759&lang=en; http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0512/S00081.htm).

The 2 minutes video where Mr Claude Dusayidi expressed the views of RPF in April 1994 about foreign troops that were to be sent in Rwanda to rescue Rwandan people who were killing each other is given below. He said that any act of sending UN troops in Rwanda was supposed to be taken as a “hostile act” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NClGFnHvgQg). There was no intention to stop massacres in Rwanda.

After receiving the support of western powers to crash hutu (intellectuals and businessmen) labelling them interahamwe/genocidaires wherever they are inside the country without any punishment (https://www.pambazuka.org/tags/kibeho-massacre), they invaded DRC in 1996 to oust president Mobutu and conquer another country. They committed atrocities which are compiled in the 2010 UN mapping report (https://www.hrw.org/news/2010/10/01/dr-congo-un-report-exposes-grave-crimes).

Again the Uganadan forces (Yoweri Museveni), Rwandan Forces (Paul Kagame) and Burundian forces (Pierre Buyoya) embarked on the mission using Desire Laurent Kabila as their bantou figurehead as they used Alexis kanyarengwe and Pasteur Bizimungu hutu figureheads to conquer Rwanda. In this process, the negotiation of taking part of DRC was conducted and is described in the “Accords de Lemera” (http://www.voiceofcongo.net/les-fameux-accords-de-lemera-la-vraie-cause-de-la-guerre-au-kivu).


Le 23 Octobre 1996 par les camarades fondateurs de l’AFDL ( NDRL : Il
s’agit de Laurent Kabila du PRP, « Parti de la Révolution Populaire », de André
Ngandu Kisase du MNC/L-CNRD « Mouvement National Congolais/Lumumba -Conseil
National de résistance pour la démocratie », de Anselme Masasu du MRLZ, «
Mouvement Révolutionnaire pour la libération du Zaïre », de Deogratias Bugera De
l’ADP « Alliance Démocratique des peuples » et de Bizima Kahara, qui les a
approuvés ;

Art.1. Il est Créé en ce jour du 23 octobre 1996 à l’hôtel Lemera, une
Alliance des Forces Démocratique pour la Libération du Congo qui sera soutenue
militairement par les forces combattantes de l’AFDL.

Art.2. Le sol et le sous-sol congolais appartiennent à l’Alliance.

Art.3. L’Alliance devra demeurer une institution de l’Etat canalisatrice
de l’idéologie de libération.

Art.4. Prêchant le panafricanisme, l’Alliance s’engage à céder 300
kilomètres aux frontières congolaises, à l’intérieur du pays, pour sécuriser ses
voisins Ougandais, Rwandais et Burundais contre l’insurrection rebelle.

 Art.5. Dès que l’Alliance aura gagné la victoire, une rétribution
spéciale sera allouée aux Alliés. Sa détermination est de la compétence de
l’instance supérieure de l’Alliance.
Art.6. Tous les politiciens des années soixante en RDC et ceux ayant
collaboré avec le régime Mobutu seront mis en retraite politique.

Art.7. La nationalité congolaise sera accordée collectivement aux «
camarades Banyamulenge et aux autres populations d’origine rwandaise » établies au pays avant la date de l’indépendance de notre pays ( le 30 Juin

Art.8. L’Anglais et le Swahili devront concurrencer le français dans
l’espace linguistique de notre pays.

Looking at this accord de Lemera, the 4th article makes it clear that after the fall of Mobutu power an eastern part of DRC (300 km from the border of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi) was supposed to be cut and added to the respective countries.

The trouble caused in DRC is well known when the current Rwandan defence minister General James Kabarebe was appointed as the chief of staff of the DRC army (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mECN7JSsnxY). After the fighting that involved 8 countries in the region is a sign of the behaviour of these extremist tutsis who wanted to impose their authority over the whole region.

Here we may cite RCD, CNDP and M23 and their supporters. Fortunately, they failed this attempt of imposing themselves over the entire population of the great lakes region. Men and women stood up and fought the evildoers and stopped the carnage that took more than 6 million innocent lives in the eastern DRC.

In 2014, Rwanda started getting involved in the internal politics of its neighbour Burundi. It was after the failed coup of May 2015 that it came to be clear that Rwanda wanted to change power and put in place their puppet who can support western corporations to get access to natural resources in the region and support FPR to pursue the agenda of conquering the region, Tanzania and DRC (http://mgafrica.com/article/2015-05-15-nkurunziza-seems-to-warn-rwanda-over-coup-says-any-war-will-be-fought-on-the-other-side-of-the-border/)


To sum, what is in the mind can become our hell. It is not new to hear some African black people discussing how their ancestors are Jews. Whether it is true or not what we should not ignore these ideas can shape the minds of people who can end up doing unthinkable things, like ruling over Bantous people in the great lakes region. Up to now it is very hard for some scholars how RPF members chose to kill people of their own ethnic group in order to grab unshared power in Rwanda.

There are many examples showing this heinous act to kill your own cherished people in order to tarnish image of your opponent. The 1994 Rwandan massacres were triggered by the shooting of the presidential jet on the 6th April 1994 and many people continue to say it is RPF members who committed this crime avoiding the implementation of the Arusha accord. Why in the same month the same RPF rejected any foreign troops to stop the killings?

The letter written by Gen Paul Kagame to former Burundian president Jean Baptiste Bagaza contains the key information about the plan of conquering the region. Why these people showed a naked hatred against Hutu? It is not Rwandan Hutu, Burundian Hutu were also included. The killing in DRC in 1996-2000 targeted Hutu and those who had a similar face (Bantous). The difficult part of all this is to commit all these crimes in the eyes of the international community and walk free up to now.

The killers have become the victims when recently in 2014 the UNSC endorsed the will of RPF/Rwanda to change the name of 1994 Rwandan massacres from Rwandan genocide to Genocide against tutsi. This took place without any investigation to show the mastermind of these massacres and who shot the presidential jet in 1994 to ignite the killings. It is a victor’s justice.

I leave space to the readers to judge themselves if those who say that the hima-tutsi empire is on the card whether they are right or not. But, I myself fail to know/understand why these people are fighting endless wars which go beyond their countries borders. For sure there might be a genuine motive behind all these efforts they have shown even if they are failing badly with many losses.

Intabaza Reader

David Rudatinya

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  1. rukundo says:

    Mr. Remigius Kintu
    The Following Document was prepared upon request and presented to the U.N. Tribunal
    on Rwanda, Arusha, Tanzania
    March 20, 2005

    please read this doc ( get it from google)

  2. Ntwali says:

    Thank you my collegue David Rudatinya for the job you did , I think you have also helped our young generation which is not taught true history of Rwanda but lies of Kagame and his bloody RPF!
    Coming to the question you left to the readers,I can say that HIMA TUTSI EMPIRE is real but it will never reach its objectives because it is no longer a secret ; Bontous people have discovered these hamite wicked plans to dismiss from the surface of earth and occupy their lands and properties and don’t think they will allow ! What is required is to come together against that evil ! Looking at what has been done till today,this is possible! The intervation of southern countries of Africa(most of their people are bantous)made this empire to loose total control of DRC . Look at how Eduard Lowasa lost elections in TZ, the failure that Burundian coup !
    I finaly urge the so called african jews to drop their evil plans for the consequances will be great the fact that they will not be able to carry them! Bontous people we are so kind and tolerant but when the waters will overflow the rivers boards I don’t see where they will hide themselves against the floods!

  3. Nzabandora says:

    We know that Mr Gahima, being somewhere abroad, keeps framing the expansion of their hima-tutsi empire. Would somebody tell us what is currently doing the other guy, I mean Mr Dusaidi?

  4. Ahorukomeye, Kelvin says:

    Thanks a lot David Rudatinya,

    Very sad History for Hutu Rwandans too many years and too long living in Slavery to their own country, Now returned as was before even very bad than before.

    as today everything in Rwanda belong to the Tutsi including Harmers, Houses, Education, Medical, ect…
    too many to list, it is Just Tears, my Tears flowing like live in my face.
    The Hutu population in Rwanda killed every day, every where, every corner, full in prison without any reason. Rwandans Hutu in in Rwanda are starving, Hungry, tired, full deceases received from FPR-Inkotanyi such as HIV/Aids, Cancer, and terminated to the reproductions system means no any more Hutu Child will be born again. current Rwandans Hutu in Rwandan present are only 12% or less. Rwandans Hutu are completed Terminated and Eliminated. there is no way Rwandans Hutu can survive from FPR-Inkotanyi system.
    After all those are systematic from Western people enemies to the all African people.

    I am calling all Hutu Population young and Old let die together, if you are not ready to die and to sacrifice for our country Rwanda, then who are you? let die together Freedom is Not free. let sing song said “Freedom is coming tomorrow in Rwanda”.
    are you ready? because I am ready.
    what to say?

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