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Ever since the disappearance from public of Diana Rwigara a few days ago, it was too obvious for any Rwandan with experience on Kagame’s diversion-methodology what Kigali was doing from the very beginning. Which is why I take this chance to first and foremost thank Intabaza, fellow comrades and Abacunguzi everywhere for reserving both judgment and commentary as the whole Rwigara saga unfolded.

The Rwigara furor began when Kagame’s Presidential Guards abruptly cut off the Rwigaras from the outside world. In a panic, relatives, friends and supporters of the Rwigaras immediately feared the worst and raised alarm.

Now it goes without saying that Diane Rwigara has in a year managed to garner media appeal not because of her political platform or the political threat she poses to the illegitimate Kagame regime (if any), but because she is simply Diane Rwigara – as opposed to say the hundreds of thousands of Hutu refugees in Congo who face persecution every day trying to survive in the jungle, the refugees for whom the liberation of their homeland is a matter of life and death.

So news of her “disappearance” immediately spread across social media and soon, Western media had picked on it and was also raising alarm; a first, because even in extreme cases when Kagame tortures or kills political opponents, it only gains minor, footnote attention from Western media.

The Kagame regime knowing where the Rwigaras were the entire time, kept denying having apprehended them, and even proceeded to “summon” the Rwigaras to appear before the police for questioning. As cries for the release of the Rwigaras reached a climax, the police suddenly showed up with the press in front of the Rwigara villa, put on a good show of “having to resort to forced entry” as the Rwigaras were clearly “hiding” in the villa, and calmly asked the stunned family in front of cameras to come down to the station for questioning all the while maintaining “calm police professionalism” in front of an irate Diane Rwigara who was hurling words at them.

This sudden revelation on camera that the Rwigaras were inside the villa this whole time allowed for Kagame’s spin to write itself: that the Rwigaras were hiding after being summoned by the police to answer for tax evasion and forgery, that the Rwigaras clearly “faked” their disappearance, and that consequently, the Rwigaras have to go to the police for questioning. And thus what we who have been criticized by some for keeping quiet about the Rwigara saga had feared, came to fruition: Kagame had used Diane Rwigara to bait his critics and most of them blindly took the bait.

In a few days, in one single news cycle swoop, most foreign critics of the Kagame regime were made to look like fools; from Filip Reyntjens (who says he detests FDLR just because) to other Western keyboard activists, they all found themselves having to eat their own words, and humbly sitting back as Kagame’s social media goons and hacks gloated. Some of the gullibility displayed before and after the apprehension of the Rwigaras is frightening because even though ignorance is usually to blame regarding misinformation that goes to the world regarding Rwanda and our struggle, this time it was also an issue of basic critical thinking – Kagame played an obvious child’s play baiting game but they ALL childishly took the bait.

So if these are the people some in the so-called Rwandan opposition rely on to get their cry for help to the world, then the struggle for the liberation of Rwanda has a long way to go. This goes to show what many Rwandans know in their hearts; Westerners who oppose or support Kagame tend to have strikingly similar characteristics; as both tend to be liberals, they always approach Rwanda from a pedestal of moral superiority and are susceptible to virtue-signaling narratives. Virtue-signaling is why they think they care about Rwanda.

History shows that otiose opposition-figureheads like Faustin Twagiramungu and others that can never garner popular or grassroots support to ever pose a threat to Kagame are always spared to unwittingly serve Kagame’s purpose of undermining the Rwandan liberation struggle. This is in no way to diminish or minimize the persecution Diane Rwigara and her family face, but to plead with Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to stop placating to the sanitized, whitewashed, politically correct, Western liberal media friendly path of “opposing” Kagame that always involves propagating the historical revisionist narrative that Kagame has been using as justification for clinging to power.

This is to tell friends of Rwanda around the world that because of the furor behind the Rwigara saga, Kagame has managed to gain an ounce of reasonable doubt that he can use next time he is brought to account regarding his many war crimes, his mass murders and his campaigns of ethnic cleansing. This is to remind Rwandans and friends of Rwanda that actual threats to Kagame’s tyranny are first and foremost labeled genocidaires – then either made to serve long sentences behind bars, or immediately killed.

This is to tell Rwandans that only us, Rwandans, can tell the story of our struggle, that the hundreds of thousands of Hutu refugees in Congo might not have as big a voice as someone in the West, and they might never get the media attention someone like Diane Rwigara can get, but they are the Rwandan reality, they are the true liberation that is to come; your liberation as Rwandans will begin the day you fearlessly begin to empower these Hutu refugees in Congo, the day you begin to boldly bring to light their plight, the day you stop being ashamed of them, the day you stop pretending they don’t exist, the day you attain some level of self-respect and stop placating to the same White liberals that forced Kagame on Rwanda!

Rutuku wishe Rukara Rwa Bishingwe aracyabakoresha, mwiyubahe!

Eric Inkuba.

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