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On July 10, 2018 a group of Nande militiamen acting as proxy force for the Rwandan Tutsi led Government in Eastern Congo stormed a Congolese Hutu Village called Kirama and slaughtered several people, mainly women and children, set on fire their houses and their crop before withdrawing with a warning that these assailants will be back to finish them off unless they get the hell out of Congo.

10/07 2018/: A group of Nande militiamen acting as proxy force for the RwandanTutsi led Government in Eastern Congo stormed a Congolese Hutu Village called Kirama and slaughtered several people

10/07/2018: A group of Nande militiamen acting as proxy force for the Rwandan Tutsi led Government in Eastern Congo stormed a Congolese Hutu Villagein Kirama and slaughtered several people.

To be clear, these villagers were not Rwandese refugees. These were Congolese hutus whose families are as native of Congo as anyone can ever be. As usual, despite the fact that the pictures of these innocent victims were shared among a few people on social media, no international media picked up the story at least to investigate its veracity and no politician made a declaration about it and almost a week after this horrible crime as I write this today, no one is talking about it, everyone has forgotten about it, as if it has never happened.


I can bet my life on the fact that there will never be a follow up to this crime, that MONUSCO will not investigate, and that no one will ever be pursued by any type of justice whether local, national or international for the slaughter of these innocent lives, simply because they have the misfortune of having been born hutus in the great lakes region and somewhere in some mysterious powerful corner of the world, some brilliant minds have agreed that hutu lives aren’t worth much. As some pro tutsi French lobbyist once put it, “EVOKING HUTU BLOOD IS STAINING TUTSI BLOOD.” EVOQUER LE SANG DES HUTUS C’EST SALIR LE SANG DES TUTSIS. This mind set explains why to this day,  not a single a individual has ever been brought to justice by the so called international justice for killing hutus in the great lakes region, mainly Rwanda, Congo and Burundi, despite multiple reports that indicate that more than 3 million hutus have been slaughtered in these three countries, in the last 28 years.

Congolese Hutu Village

A few years ago a prominent USA diplomat who goes by the name Herman Cohen, told a reporter that in his view North and South Kivu are part of Rwanda, suggesting that the international community should find a way to make it legal instead of asking Rwanda not to meddle into Congo’s internal affairs. In the same interview Mr Cohen suggested that hutus should be given land in the Kasai far away from the Kivu, because according to him, they are great workers and Congo has lots of fertile lands. Now you may think that these were perhaps the rumblings of an old diplomat who forgot to take his medication but you would be dead wrong. When the RPF’s government sends its emissaries around the country or across the world to preach its CIVIS RWANDUS SUM (I am Rwandan citizen) policy, which is always carried out in Kinyarwanda to make sure that few foreigners get the real meaning of what this policy is about; the experts on this policy spend most of the time touting the exploits of ancient Tutsi monarchs with a special emphasis on their wars of expansion.

They then pivot to the current monarch Kagame-yeah I know what you’re thinking: Rwanda is a republic so why call its leader a monarch..well, if you really believe that Rwanda is a republic, you probably believe in fairy tales too, which means we are not speaking the same language- and they praise the fact Kagame put together an army in a few days right after a plane carrying the previous president was mysteriously shot down, and the mighty Kagame put an end to a genocide and then proceeded to expand the country by reclaiming his ancestors glory that had been tarnished by hutu usurpers after the 1959 revolution, which is always referred to as a genocide by these same preachers. Now the reality is that none of these things is true. North and South Kivu are not part of Rwanda, hutus have no business in the Kasai and Kagame did not put an end to a genocide, if anything he and his RPF are the main reason any kind of genocide took place in the region by invading Rwanda 1990 and carrying out scorched earth war that lasted 4 years culminating in the assassination the the country’s president, this being the event that triggered mass slaughter that claimed the lives of more than a million people tutsis and hutus alike.

Just because the international media and public relations firm on Kagame’s payroll muddled the waters so much by creating a narrative that is simple for western minds to grasp and by willfully covering up the role some of Western powers and the UN played in the events that took place in the great lakes region during the 1990’s, it does not mean that this narrative is true, it simply means that the world powers have agreed to make it so and anyone who says different is seen as a fringe character or worse a genocide denier or revisionist. This is largely due to the fact that those who planned and executed the RPF takeover of Rwanda crafted a narrative that sought to create a world in which hutus were nazis, tutsis were Jews and somehow Rwanda was Germany. By making this kind amalgamation about the mainstream version of the events that took place in Rwanda, these masters of the universe managed to turn the oppressors into the oppressed even though the truth on the ground from both the historical and current situation is an entire different thing altogether.

Most people are shocked to learn that the Tutsi King of Rwanda supported the Nazis during Second World War, and that his rationale to do so was based on the fact that Belgian had limited his life and death powers over the hutus, who he considered an inferior race destined to be ruled by tutsis who were superior in his mind. During the 1950’s when a few educated hutus started demanding equal rights from both their Tutsi and Belgian overlords, the answer from the tutsi elite stated clearly that hutus cannot claim equal status to tutsi because they were an inferior race conquered by tutsis and therefore they had no business being anything else other than tutsi servants. On top of this, those who supported the monarchy insisted on the divine nature of the King who supposedly derived his powers from God himself, having been born with the seed of power ( kuvukana imbuto).

It is only after realizing the the popular uprising was unavoidable as most of the hutus started to defy the old paradigm, that the spin doctors of this tutsi supremacy ideology switched from being special by divine design to being special because as a  minority they were at risk of being exterminated in a genocide. It is then at this point that we start seeing most of the tutsi ideologues start making parallels between their situation and that of the Jews in Germany. Even though the tutsi still controlled the government under Belgian supervision, in 1960, one of the hutu leaders who later became the country’s first president, Dominique Mbonyumutwa, was arrested and charged with genocide.

So from that moment to this day, every attempt by tutsi extremists groups to seize power by force in both Rwanda and Burundi give the threat of being victims of genocide as the main reason behind multiple wars they instigate in the great lakes region to this day. With an incredible media campaign that always seems to dominate any other view of what happens in the regions, the RPF in Rwanda and UPRONA in Burundi to a less extent managed to cover up all of their horrendous crimes by simply creating such an international outcry about the potential of a genocide against tutsis; that the whole world seems to overlook the simple fact that Tutsis are the only minority on the African continent that have a history of imposing their rule over the majority group by force of arms, and it does not take a genius to figure out that the only way a minority controls a  majority is by extreme violence and manipulations, which of course leads to violent uprisings against this system soon or late.

Of course this cannot work without the complicity of the so called international community which seems to turn a blind eye on the crimes committed by groups such as the RPF and UPRONA even those of  genocide, which leads one to wonder if the continuous chaos that these groups seem to maintain in the region is not part of an ongoing strategy by some Western powers to control the region using a violent ruthless minority as it would be impossible to do the same under a democratic majority based government.

There are no crimes big or small  the RPF is not guilty of according to multiple reports by the UN, and Human rights organization, from using child soldiers to causing the death of over 6 million people in the DRC, including what the UN Mapping report refers to as a potential genocide against the hutus,and  in this case the complicity of the international community can only be explained by the fact almost 10 years after the Mapping report was produced, nothing has happened in terms of a semblance of justice of even a serious discussion about it.

Those who saw the thousands of kadogos ( child soldiers) marching into Kinshasa under the command of Gen James Kabarebe might wonder why he was never brought to justice for this flagrant violation, but considering that the same expedition was supported in the air by both US and Israeli planes I would not hold my breath about anyone being incriminated for such a minor detail, because the removal of Mobutu was seen and touted by the media as civilizing endeavor that could not be seen any other way unless one is ready to swim against the current. This is why it should not come as surprise to find out that the UN reported that UPRONA was committing a genocide against hutus in Burundi in the 1972 and nothing happened and even today the international community is averse to the acceptance of  this genocide simply because at the time, those who committed it were part of the same club of instruments of the west in the brutalizing Africa alongside Apartheid South Africa.

Unfortunately this attitude by Western powers towards the fate of hutus in the great lakes region has created an atmosphere a tense undercurrent which could lead to some other catastrophic violent confrontation as it has become clearer and clearer that there is an attempt to consider all crimes committed against hutus as a simple results of their savage and genocidal nature instead of realizing that the story that has been told is so distorted and based on a mere political narrative with the purpose of advancing major powers geo strategic interest regardless of the human toll on the inhabitants of the region.

For those who think that questioning the mainstream narrative of what happened in the region is so sacrilegious should picture what would have happened in Germany if after the Second World War, the Allies had installed an Extremist Jewish Government in Berlin and had spent the following decades making sure that the word German means killer. This is what was done in Rwanda in 1994  which set the stage for 6 million deaths in Congo and the indiscriminate persecution of all hutus in the region to this day The word hutu does not mean killer, tutsis are not jews no offense to Prof Bwejeri, and as time goes by it is becoming more apparent that those who are imposing this wrong narrative on the region are tickling the dragon’s tail, because in the end the people will rise and assert the truth regardless of what the king may say it is.

Darius Sunray Murinzi

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