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This article is a reflection upon the africanews article of September 1st , 2018, which says that “Rwanda wants to quit Great Lakes bloc for inaction on genocide fugitives. http://www.africanews.com/2018/09/01/rwanda-wants-to-quit-great-lakes-lakes-bloc-for-inaction-on-genocide-fugitives/

As you are reading this article, keep in mind that the evil operates on this world through people. So, what else does Kagame wants the evil to do for him?

Mr. Kagame,

  1. The evil has given you the heard of President Habyarimana Juvenal and Cyprien Ntaryamira at once.
  2. The evil has given you the reasons to sacrifice Tutsis over the power.
  3. The evil has given you the land and properties of the Hutus.
  4. The evil has given you the reasons to sweep away all Hutus in Kibeho refugee camp.
  5. The evil has given you the authorization and ammunition to follow the Hutu refugees and kill them in the Democratic Republic of Congo and all over the world.
  6. The evil has approved for you the genocide against Tutsis.
  7. The evil has incarcerated all former educated Hutus, under the ICTR mafia for you.
  8. The evil has given you the reasons for exhumation of the first Hutu president Mbonyumutwa Dominque for your sacrificial rituals and witchcrafts.
  9. The evil has given you the harmer to harm anybody including some Tutsis, at any time you feel to do so, either by gunshot, poisoning, and tortures of many kinds.
  10. The evil is keeping the 2010 mapping report closed for you.
  11. The evil has divided the opposition for you.
  12. The evil has incarcerated Ignace Murwanashyaka, president of the FDLR for you.
  13. The evil has given you the heard of Col. Patrick Karegeya on your plate.
  14. The evil has canceled the Rwandan refugee status for you.
  15. The evil has given you the reasons to close 7000 churches because they do not preach upon genocide as you want.
  16. The evil is suffocating the Hutu refugees in DRC for you since 1996. Since 30th August, 2018, MONUSCO has cut of water from the Kisangani refugee camp for you. And this has been occurring on various occasions. This is when I agree with President Donald Trump that the UN is corrupt and has completely failed to its mission.
  17. The evil has given you power to keep all African Presidents threatened and muted because you built Kigali convention center from pillage of natural resources of DRC and the free money you earn from the Westerners, your best customers of the genocide merchandise.

African presidents have been observing Kagame’s commands as he wished for so long, let us see if they are still threatened as usual. Some of the African presidents have been contributing to one way or another to put in action the Kagame’s evil acts addressed above. A question to the Eleven countries of ICGL (Angola, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Soudan, Uganda, and Zambia), is this not really enough? What else does Kagame want the evil to do against the Hutus on this planet? My observation is that Kagame is overheated by frustrations and political failures that cannot be resolved either by staying or quitting the ICGL.

The reader of Intabaza.com


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