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As I write this, the Congolese military along with RDF infiltrators are involved in a horrendous effort to forcefully repatriate hutu refugees in Kanyabayonga transit camp. After years of torturing them into submission produced no results, both the UN and the Government have now decided to do away with any kind of human decency and called criminal elements from Kagames death squads to help them with tormenting and killing these helpless hutus refugees, the majority of whom being women and children related to former FDLR combatants who willingly laid down their weapons placing their fate and hopes into the good will of the so called international community to protect them, and to work towards a peaceful solution to the regional problems caused by the belligerent nature of the Kagame regime and its unwillingness to listen to reason and negotiate with its opposition both armed and unarmed. This behavior by the so called international community can only be explained by the mere fact that they believe that anything goes when it comes to the way hutus are supposed to be treated because they have been demonized and brutalized so deeply that they can’t mount any kind of resistance to impose their will on the region in the manner that the predatory tutsi led government in Rwanda has done for the last 25years. By refusing to listen to the grievances of hutus in the region, the international community has now insured that the region has to go through another bloody war for hutus to have any kind of say in their own country. If war breaks out in the region one of these days, it will be because the world has taken an attitude towards hutus that is unacceptable to any self respecting people after being dehumanized and demonized for too long. The international community thinks we are pigeons. WE ARE NOT.

The plight of the Hutu people of the Great Lakes of Africa is similar to that of pigeons in major Western metropolitan areas about whom the “Do not feed the pigeons” sign in public parks sounds self-explanatory, even though there doesn’t seem to be anything in heaven or on earth that disqualifies a pigeon from being like any other bird on God’s green earth. What this sign is really trying to say is that there are way too many pigeons, and anything that kills them or otherwise makes their lives difficult is more than welcome. Instead the sign should read” Kill the pigeons” but that would be uncivilized. In the same fashion, the Hutu people are the only people in the world to whom the International Community seems to have come to a tacit understanding that the conventional rules of Democracy, Justice and Self Determination should not apply. This is the only thing that explains why all the crimes that are committed against the Hutus are never investigated or even when investigated, the findings are shelved to never be talked about again.

10/07 2018/: A group of Nande militiamen acting as proxy force for the RwandanTutsi led Government in Eastern Congo stormed a Congolese Hutu Village called Kirama and slaughtered several people

10/07 2018/: A group of Nande militiamen acting as proxy force for the RwandanTutsi led Government in Eastern Congo stormed a Congolese Hutu Village called Kirama and slaughtered several people

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From being enslaved by Tutsi overlords for more than 400yrs, to a genocide in Burundi, a genocide in Congo and another one in Rwanda that stirs so much controversy that the simple mention of it brings trouble to anyone who dares to talk about it. Canadian Journalist Judi River most definitely knows something about this, after having dared to write about the crimes committed by the tutsi led RPF Government, and to subsequently have her life threatened in her own country of Canada by Kagame’s death squads. Even the fact of saying that there is such a thing as a Hutu people is considered a crime in Rwanda. It is called having a genocide ideology and it is punishable by law, even though there is myriad of books and websites about the mighty courageous tutsi people. The fact that the Hutus suffered centuries of incredible oppression by a tutsi monarchy whose supremacist ideology could have rivaled or surpassed by far that of Apartheid and Nazi Germany has now vanished from memory. Since the 1960’s the Tutsi Elite has managed to flip the script and has successfully made Hutus look and sound like blood thirsty monsters that are out to kill the innocent helpless tutsis for no reason whatsoever. With help from modern communications and public relations tools at their disposal, this narrative has taken hold to the point where these tutsi lobbies claim, with a straight face, that the 1959 popular revolution that ended the monarchy in Rwanda was a genocide and that a Hutu president planned a genocide in which he had to be the first victim by having his own wife shoot his plane out of the skies.

This intense and well crafted media campaign against the hutus explains why no one has really tried to figure out what happened to the millions of hutus who died between 1990 at the hands of the RPF and those who perished in Burundi at the hands of UPRONA. Just like the pigeons anything to get the traffic moving. To this day there has not been anyone interested in bringing to justice those who started the war in Rwanda in the 1990 that resulted in the death of more than a million people of whom the large majority were hutus contrary to public belief. We can only remind people that when Professors ALLAN STAM and CHRISTIAN DAVENPORT tried to solve this math problem and dared to make their findings public, the two professors were given 24 hours to leave Rwanda and branded revisionists and genocide deniers. However Rwanda was not a Banana Republic in the 1990’s with no proper records of births and deaths, which means that if we really put our minds to it, we can account for a very single Rwandan who died, where he or she died, who caused his or her death and why, but of course no one would take time for this endeavor because in the end it would demonstrate that for Kagame’s RPF to take power in Rwanda while representing less than 20% of the population, Kagame had to slaughter countless hutus, some of whose bones are now mixed with those of tutsi victims, and are now labeled as tutsi genocide victims and are simply used to keep the country in constant state of horror while bringing in money from maleable Western tourists who come to watch this morbid spectacle and leave with a burning urge to hurt the hutus responsible for this.

People should remember that by downing President Habyariman’s plane, the Kagame’s RPF violated the Arusha Peace Accord that gave tutsis half of government positions in a power sharing agreement which was neither fair nor democratic, but to which the Hutus had agreed for peace sake. The same arrangement was made in Burundi. The agreement in Burundi seems to hold to this day but it still reinforces the notion that the rules of democracy cannot be applied, when hutus are concerned, and of course the issue of justice where an entire people, in the case of Rwanda, was castigated as being responsible of a genocide, has created the conditions that allowed more than 6 million people including a large number of Congolese hutus to be slaughtered at the hands of the Tutsi led RPF as documented in the UN Mapping Report which is still gathering dust in some basement at the UN headquarters. Justice for pigeons is hard to come by.

In 1957 when the Hutus started to ask for equal rights from the Tutsi monarchy the King’s advisors responded saying that Hutus were a conquered people who cannot claim equal status to the Tutsis who conquered them by their superior nature and urged the hutus to accept their fate so as not to defy the divine order, since God himself had ordained the supremacy of tutsis over hutus, however a few years later when it became clear that claiming supremacy was a bad political move and sounded bad to foreign diplomats, a few tutsi politicians started floating the idea that the Tutsis must rule the country because letting hutus run the country would lead to genocide. This was the beginning of using genocide as political weapon against hutus. This became so serious that even the first President of Rwanda Dominique Mbonyumutwa was imprisonned after being accused of harboring genocidal ideas, even though the King and Belgians were still in charge of the Government and all the man had done was to ask for equal rights.

Trapping Hutus into committing what can be called a genocide became a strategy and was pursued for the following thirty years, by some Tutsi hardliners, going as far as organizing false flag operations against fellow tutsi during the RPF war to take the country as some former RPF officers came to admit in the years after their conquest. The Assassination of President Ndadaye in Burundi and the shooting down of the plane carrying President Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi are believed to have been part of this strategy to provoke the Hutus into an overreaction that would be recognized as a genocide by the international community and hand the tutsi elite behind this nefarious plan a political bludgeon to hit over the head of the hutus for years to come and lo’ and behold, it came to pass. President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda boasted about the genius of this plan by saying this.”These people(hutus) are so corrupt, you provoke them a little and they commit genocide.”

On top of these obvious injustices, the International Community chose to look the other way as Kagames tutsi army slaughtered and oppressed the Hutus for the last 25yrs unconcerned about any consequences, political, judicial or otherwise. Can you imagine what would have happened in Germany if after the Second World War, if the Allies had put a extremist Jewish Government in charge of Germany and gave them free rain to kill and torture as they please? Yet this is what was done in Rwanda and more than 10 million dead later we are still wondering why. The answer may just be as simple: DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS.

If there is such a thing as collective psyche, the Hutus, especially those from Rwanda come from a very dark place which, if explained in modern psychological term, would render mute all the horror movies that Hollywood ever conceived. For centuries the country’s symbol of power was a drum called Kalinga which was adorned with human body parts(male genitals, eyes, and female breasts) from conquered hutu kings and a few tutsi recalcitrant characters. This drum was worshiped and handed over from King to King. This drum not only symbolized the annihilation and the total subjugation of the hutu people, but also an ideology that called for the extermination of everyone related to the conquered kings in what was commonly called stamping out the vendetta( guca inzigo). This is the original genocide ideology which the current Kagame regime managed to push into the hutu camp by assimilating any demands by any hutu for equal rights to an attempt to commit genocide. Now if you go back a little and ask yourself the kind of person who lives with and carries around a drum that is adorned with human body parts as trophies, there is no doubt that such a person would have to be criminally insane in the most extreme sense of the word and for a nation or a people to be governed but not just one but a family of these types of individuals for centuries, can only mean that at the end of it, you have a very damaged people.

The country having been governed by horror for centuries explains some of the submissive behavior that are still found in the Rwandan population both ethnic group alike, whereby the masses obey the leaders without questioning the actions they are asked to undertake such as killing each other, or even accepting to be killed without putting up any kind of fight. In other words we have a nation of very damaged people due to centuries of being governed by horror, and the piles of skeletal remains of those who perished in the 1994 catastrophe are just another form of governance by horror. As Professor Charles Kambanda once put it, this is the new kalinga masked as a memorial for victims of genocide. The Jews and the Armenian buried their dead and they still remember. Rwandans and Africans in general bury their dead, one has to be criminally insane to think that exposing human skeletal remains of loved ones to the people day in and day out helps for anything other than cementing terror in children and extreme hatred in the adults. When it is all said and done, there are more hutus remains in those so called memorials than tutsis remains as it has been pointed out by some of the tutsi survivors who know full well that most of them did give their loved ones proper burial. These types of wounds cannot heal until Rwanda comes to term with all of her past in truth and real reconciliation, led by an army of high end shrinks from lord knows where, then and only then the pigeons may get fed too.

Based on everything we know about human relationships and human development there is really no need for anyone to be treated like a pigeon amongst other human beings. We know for a fact that in those societies where people managed to overcome past wounds to build prosperous nations or societies it took tremendous effort to mend the peoples’ hearts through justice, reconciliation and true forgiveness. That is why, the fact that in Rwanda for example, the victors justice that never punished criminals from the party that started the war which precipitated the country into a four year descent into hell, resulting in genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity; such justice remains one of the main reasons why Rwandans are still trapped into the past. When you add that this horrible insane practice of not burying the dead and other practices that deny the big majority of the people, mainly the hutus, the right to remember their loved ones by simply labeling those loved ones as criminals or simply referring to them as acceptable collateral damage from a legitimate liberation war, or calling them unfortunate victims of retaliatory acts from aggrieved soldiers, you then have the sort of emotional quicksand that keeps swallowing any positive impulses to overcome the past, and a constant fueling source for the active violent volcano that manifests itself into these cycles of violence that no one seems to find a remedy for.

The idea of a truth and reconciliation commission for Rwanda should be explored and fully implemented by all of those who are sincerely seeking peace and stability in the Great Lakes Region, coupled with an all encompassing justice system that enthrones the undeniable sacred nature of all human lives so that we never, ever have to refer to a group of human beings as pigeons.



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