Consider this on the Rwandan genocide 25th anniversary commemoration

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John Patrick argues that in every genuine democracy today, majority rule is both endorsed and limited by the supreme law of the constitution, which protects the rights of individuals. Tyranny by minority over the majority is barred, but so is tyranny of the majority against minorities.

The case of Rwanda today is that the majority is under tyranny of the minority. In fact, the failure of the country has become cyclical. In other words, the was a time that the majority failed to protect the rights of the minority, and there was a time that the minority ruled the majority by tyranny.

Let us consider three important Rwanda’s historical periods. The monarchical rule period, Habyarimana’ s rule period, and Kagame’s rule period. According to history the monarchical rule lasted for four centuries under Tutsis. As minority, they ruled the majority (Hutus) by sword as it is today. I would suggest that if hatred was developed among Hutus against Tutsis, it started during the Tutsi monarchical rule which was by severe sword. Anyone who ignore this cannot understand were Rwanda’s tragedy is rooted from.

After the Hutus managed to get rid of Tutsi monarchical rule in 1959, the power fell in the hands of the majority. During Habyarimana’s rule he managed to protect the rights of the minority though it might not have been as accurate as democracy requires. At least Tutsis themselves testify to that. Between 1990 to 1994, Habyarimana protected the Tutsi because they were killed after he was assassinated on 6th April, 1994. My observation is that Hutus killed Tutsis after Habyarimana’s assassination, because they immediately realized that the Tutsi monarchical rule is back again to rule them by sword as it was before 1959. No wonder there is no trace of genocide preparation. It was a reaction related to history.

Today, under Kagame’s rule, what Hutus feared is seen to be very true. Upon their arrival on power, Tutsis killed as many Hutus as they could. Among the known killings are the Kibeho massacres, and those killings reported in the 2010 UN Mapping Report. There are a lot of cases that we cannot waist time upon here. What is going on right now is the tyranny of minority over majority even severely than it was before Rwandan Revolution of 1959. A Hutu is a Hutu when alive, but when killed their bodies become Tutsis, because a body of a Tutsi has become a source of wealth and power to mute the whole word under western powerful sponsors.

Since things remain cyclical, we are approaching another change which is not clear how it will endorse democracy. But what is clear for now is that Rwanda is under a severe sword by minority over the majority.

By Peacemaker Zirimwabagabo

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