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Today, the world is busy fighting the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic that threatens the lives of people around the world. Governments have taken various measures to fight against and prevent from the spread of the pandemic that is threatening the world. The developed countries, which are the most severely affected by the pandemic have taken strict measures to close their borders with other countries, and even ordered their citizens to stay in their homes, an approach that is called “lockdown”, and in Rwanda, such approach is called “Guma Mu Rugo” on, in English, “Stay at home”. We would like to remind you that people of the countries such as China, USA, France, Italy, etc. have good living standards due to their economy. Their social services therefore provide effective protection to the needy and vulnerable people.

Reasons why the RPF regime is a more dangerous virus to Rwandans:

In Africa, some African countries have unthinkingly imitated or copied the measures taken by developed countries to confine people to their homes, without taking into account the poverty of their citizens or factors threatening their social systems that help the needy, or without identifying their sources of finance to support the needy and destitute within their countries, with a view to boosting the economic situation of affected people after the “Stay at Home” period.

Rwandan authorities are also among those African countries that decided to pursue and implement the lockdown. As you may be aware, about 85% of Rwandans live in intolerable and miserable economic conditions. Their survival is largely dependent on a daily casual work, meaning that if one does not go out of his home to look for a piece of work or take a hoe and go to work in the farm, he cannot provide for himself and his family. Imagine how their lives would be after one or two weeks or a month after the lockdown!

What is really behind the decision of Kagame government to impose a comprehensive lockdown? Kagame’s decision can well be understood in or inferred from the Kinyarwanda proverb: “Ukorora acira aba agabanya” literally meaning, “Continual spitting of a cough leads to a full relief” or which can be compared to an English saying, “constant dripping wears away stone”! Figuratively, this implies that the difficulties in the RPF’s plan to annihilate the unwanted people in Rwandan can be achieved through persistent adoption of repressive and draconian policies aimed at impoverishing them.

The majority of unwanted people are Hutus, who are treated as second-class citizens. In fact, the RPF regime has been a virus that threatened their lives. The COVID-19 pandemic is an additional threat to the existing serious threats to the lives of Rwandans. Serious threats – including killing, torture, arbitrary detention, humiliation and degradation – are caused by the President Kagame’s RPF, the ruling party that seeks to control the people through terror and fear. The most frightening plan is the reduction or annihilation of the Hutu population that is not loyal to the RPF.

We therefore notice that the Rwandan government has found an easy way to reduce the number of Rwandans it does not want to live in the country. For the past three decades, the shooting policy was applied and this policy was affirmed by the President Kagame in June 2014, when he publicly told Rwandans that “he will not hesitate to shoot unwanted people in broad daylight.” The shooting policy is no longer necessary as people can be starved to death in their homes under the pretext of protecting them from the COVID-19.

So, it is not surprising that the RPF-led government is making tough decisions aimed at starving to death its own people. We all know that Kagame traveled around the world telling leaders of nations and societies how the economy of his country was fast growing. However, at the time, his nation was suffering from famine, which was causing people to flee their homes whereas others were dying from it; but he never admitted that his people were starving to death.

In 2012, the Global Hunger Index reported that up to 18% of children under the age of five were among those that are stunted due to malnutrition. The Global Hunger Index has been released its report when food prices in Rwanda continued to rise. Some people continued to complain that the ability to provide for their children was decreasing. The decreasing was due to taxes levied by the state to allow them to take their produce to the market. In addition, they had to obtain a permit to harvest. Harvested food crops had to be sold at a market and price designed by the government. Rwandans are suffering from famine because they are forced to plant one particular crop in the whole municipality or district. No doubt that all these drastic measures were taken with the intention to impoverish and starve Rwandans who depend on the agricultural activities. Restrictive agricultural measures were followed by the measures to demolish houses of Rwandans with a pretext that their houses were built near wetlands, but with the real aim of rendering them homeless through deprivation of their existing livelihoods thereby subjecting them to deep poverty and related illness.

Commission of crimes with impunity:

As Rwandans commemorate for the 26th memory day of the Genocide that occurred in their country, it is important to recall that the international community abandoned the Rwandan people during the 1994 tragedy by refusing to give heed to the call for assistance from President Sindikubwabo’s Interim Government, and thus deliberately giving a way to the RPF to pursue civil war (in spite of a cease fire) under the pretext of stopping the killings and finally seize power by means of a barrel of gun.

After so many years, no reasonable person would think that, from that time to date, the Rwandan people would still be hunted by a government that is supposed to protect them. This behavior is unbecoming of a government from the current ruling party, RPF, that pretended to have taken weapons to liberate the Rwandan people.

From available information, there is a strong indication that President Kagame and his RPF played a pivot role in the tragedy that befell our country. Because of lack of accountability for the crimes they committed during and after the civil war, the commission of crimes continues unhindered simply because some superpowers and some major multinational companies have interests in and are conjointly engaged in the business of looting resources in the Great Lakes region. The ruling clique in Kigali has been given a green light to do whatever it deems fit to achieve its plan without being troubled in any way.

This is evidenced by the complacent attitude demonstrated by the international community that fails to act when there is enough evidence implicating President Kagame and his RPF in the Rwandan tragedy; but we saw the international community turning a blind eye to these heinous events and thus act as if nothing has happened. When the international community acts, it undermines the right to due process. One would ask the question why no international investigation has been commanded to establish the shooting down of the plane carrying President Habyarimana Juvenal and his Burundian counterpart Ntaryamira Cyprien on the fateful day of 6 April 1994? Despite many reports detailing the massive killings committed by the RPF rebels in various places in Rwanda as from 1990 to 1994, no one was held accountable for those atrocities until this day.

On 22 April 1995, more than 8000 Hutu were massacred in Kibeho Camp for Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs). As usual, no one has ever been prosecuted although there were many witnesses among whom the UN peacekeepers. In 1996, the world witnessed the killings carried out by the RFP government against Hutu refugees who were living in the refugee camps in the DRC. These killings claimed more than 300,000 refugees, who were savagely massacred and leaving many others scattered in the dense forest of the DRC. Interestingly the UN Mapping report of October 2010 has been swept under the rug because it implicated the RPF soldiers and leadership in those atrocities that could be qualified as “genocide” if proven by a court of law. It goes without saying the countless acts of kidnappings, disappearances, tortures and killings that are taking place daily inside and outside Rwanda.

Destroying people homes without proper compensation has become common in Kigali in blatant violation of inalienable rights enshrined in the Rwandan Constitution of 2003 in its Article 29 that states: “[e]very person has a right to private property, whether personal or owned in association with others. Private property, whether individually or collectively owned, is inviolable. The right to property may not be interfered with except in public interest, in circumstances and procedures determined by Law and subject to fair and prior compensation”.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the regime has found an excellent opportunity to quickly and silently get rid of undesirable people, especially, those people who are against or disagree with the autocratic regime. The government made sure that the lockdown was imposed without giving people time to prepare for it so that they die of hunger, without having to use its death squads and other military intelligence institutions.

What is clear these days is how the government is harassing people who are either determined to help the needy with food or to report on those starving. The government appears to silence some journalists who have decided to speak out and call for humanitarian interventions on behalf of those who are on verge of starvation. As we speak, eight journalists have been arrested and detained on the basis that they broke the lockdown rules. The arrest and detention infringe Article 35 of the Constitution, protecting the freedom of press and information. It was reported that two people were shot dead by the Rwandan National Police for defying the Covid-19 lockdown orders as they defied to die from hunger and went out in search of food.

The handling of the COVID-19 crisis is marred by lies and deception in the distribution of food. The so much-publicized food distribution has proved to be deceptive. In fact, when people queued for food, those lucky ones could receive a tiny quantity that cannot sustain lives for a day, and in some instances, the Tutsi survivors were preferred over others and could receive food parcels two times in a row while others are still waiting. It is also unfortunate that some leaders – especially Tutsi leaders – in charge of distribution give food to their friends and families or simply steal food and channel it to an undisclosed location.

 Impartial “Never again” of Rwandans:

The tragedy that occurred in Rwanda was meticulously planned by the RPF and its allies with overriding goal to loot natural resources in the Great Lakes Region. Contrary to its attractive political propaganda, the RPF has never been interested in saving lives of the people at risk of genocide as it claimed or in establishing a rule of law and democracy in Rwanda; rather the RPF was (and still is) interested in violently subjugating people and exploiting them. This is supported by many anti-popular policies implemented by the RPF government, including a wide range of taxes imposed on ordinary citizens. In view of such situation, it is incumbent upon us as Rwandans to defend ourselves and work together to get rid of the RPF system that has enslaved our people with a tacit approval of the international community.

I appeal to those living in Rwanda that they should not starve as they know where the food is. They should keep in mind that they have been deprived of their right to cultivate what they want in their farms that could have met their basic needs in this critical period. Today, they should have reserves of all kind of food which should have helped them to go through these perilous times. You should demand authorities to provide you with food and assert your rights to freely walk the path leading you to self-reliance.

To Rwandan politicians and human rights activists:

My plea to politicians and human rights activists living in exile or abroad is to unite and work together for a common cause, especially in these times where Rwandans are in grave danger of starvation. They should call on foreign countries that support Rwanda to put political pressure on Kagame’s dictatorial regime so that President Kagame can relax the COVID-19 measures to allow people to go out and provide for themselves and their families. I am convinced that you can succeed in this important mission only if you can put aside individual political interest, overcome the demon of division and above all, in a spirit of solidarity, forge a common language to advance the common interest of Rwandan people.

To international community:

I would make a strong appeal that it is more than even appropriate to heed the strong appeal of Rwandans in their daily distress. It will be recalled that you turn a blind eye to the suffering of Rwandans at the time they needed your help, thus abandoning them in the hands of their killers, be it during the massacres in 1994, at Kibeho camps, and in dense forest of the DRC, and even now when you choose to work alongside with the Rwandans’ oppressor. This is the time to remind you of “Never again”! It is time that you recognize that the regime you have installed in Rwanda and supported henceforth is a failure to Rwandans and a disgrace to your efforts of promoting the most advocated norms of free and democratic values. Despite of the disrespectfulness of observance of human rights norms, the international community continued to offer unwavering support to a dictatorial regime in political, financial, and military domains. While Rwandans appreciate your support to their country, they view it as a support to the oppression machine that harass, arrest, torture, and even kill them. The financial support does not contribute in any way to the improvement of the quality of lives of Rwandans, but it ends up in the hands of the clique in power, or in developing building infrastructure which does not benefit the public at large. Rwandans are fed up with the senseless killings by the RPF-virus the same way the whole world is tired of COVID-19. Needless to mention however that it has been 30 years that Rwandans have been killed by the RPF virus without a glimmer of hope for any vaccination that can destroy the RPF-virus that claimed lives of millions of Rwandans and have caused anguish to all Rwandans, be it, Hutu, Tutsi and Twa.

Rwandans repeatedly cried to you for help to contribute to a political change in Rwanda. Rwandans have no doubt that the international community is – despite of its silence – aware of how fateful the RPF-virus is in decimating the Rwandan people or causing havoc in their lives. We, Rwandans, appeal to you to react quickly and stop the ongoing planned massacre of civilians under the guise of fighting the COVID-19 virus. We hope that the international community will no longer make excuses that it did not know what was happening in the country as it claims with respect of the Rwandan genocide.

To all Rwandans:

I call upon Rwandans and all peace-loving people to extend their support to the freedom fighters in the search of appropriate RPF-virus vaccine, in order to allow our people to live in their country without fear of being harassed, arbitrarily arrested, jailed, starved, tortured, deprived of their possessions, shot or killed. Then and only then will our day of commemoration of “Never Again” have a true meaning for all Rwandans as they will reflect on the oppression of the past in unity and solidarity and as they will enjoy together the wealth of their beautiful country.

Brother Abel




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