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4 MARCH 2016

Sources from the Kanyabayonga transit camp for former FDLR fighters and their families indicate that all the camp residents are fearful of an imminent attack on the camp by RDF infiltrators,who are now working closely with some Congolese Units and the local militias that have been killing hutu populations for the last several months.

“MONUSCO Staffers are telling people that the FDLR is going attack the camp today, and we know for sure that this is a lie.” One resident told us. As soon MONUSCO started spreading this rumor inside the camp, all the refugees immediately understood that this was a plan attack by the RDF and the militia to kill the refugees and then claim it was the FDLR that was trying to free its former soldiers. According to an high ranking FDLR official we spoke to, this would make no sense as the people who laid down their weapons did that willingly and have been so far well care for by MONUSCO except for last year’s incident that left several people hurt.


What is clear now is that several units of the RDF have been deployed around Kanyabayonga wearing Congolese uniforms and they are bent on killing every living hutu in the area including Congolese natives. Kanyabayonga is just another target. MONUSCO must do all in its powers to stop this from happening to avoid a repeat of the 1996 attacks on the refugee camps by Rwandan forces that lefts hundreds of thousands of people dead as documented in the UN mapping report.


Kanyabayonga, North Kivu RDC

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