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After reading this article ( and this this in kinyarwanda (, I see that there is no doubt that CNRD-Ubwiyunge is a pure tool of western corporation to oppose the struggle of oppressed Rwandans in exile.

It is very sad and disturbing that CNRD-UBWIYUNGE of the called Col Wilson Irategeka and Faustin Twagiramungu alias Rukokoma hasn’t mentioned at all how Hutus whether Rwandan Hutus or Congolese Hutus are being killed in the Congo by different types of new Mai Mai groups every single day.

Even Western media that has tried to be quiet about it recently started admitting that Hutus are being killed in the Congo because it is impossible now to hide it. This means that CNRD is directly involved in killing our brothers and sisters.

The fact at a time like this, when Congolese Hutus are still mourning their dead, CNRD is spreading these lies and slander about FDLR, shows how sick and evil CNRD is. Time to face facts: CNRD and its head Faustin Twagiramungu, are enemies of Rwandans.

What they are overseeing in Congo cannot be forgiven. Rwandans who are abroad should be ashamed that not a single one of them has spoke out against Rukokoma for this genocide!

NOT ONE! They are all quiet and cowardly, still going on about Nahimana being stuck at the airport while our brothers and sisters are being killed like animals and are under attack from every side.

Please, Rwandans, let us never forget the suffering this sick man who calls himself Rukokoma has put our people through. The fact we had even considered talking to him on the same level when he tried to establish his CPC should be a shame for all of us.

Faustin Twagiramungu is a mass murderer and a criminal, and he should be treated as such. Every single Rwandan who lives abroad and has the means to do so, please, stop standing by while this madness goes on!

Tell the world that Rukokoma is killing our people. We may not yet have the resources to take on Enough Project, but as Rwandans we can put a stop to that mongrel Rukokoma.

And don’t forget to keep Rwandan refugees and our Congolese Hutu brethren in your thoughts and prayers during these trying times.

The Intabaza’s reader


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  1. Uwamahoro, Thephany says:

    The Rwandans Oppostions are under self interests Not interests to the Hutu refugee killings in DRC. Also, Rukokoma Twagiramungu Faustin is One tool and Book list for Rwandans-Hutu Refugee who still alive so can be killed under this men, as Wilson Irategeka is another tool for searching all survivors in Jungo of forest in Congo so cannot survivor 2nd time; this men must kille all none to survive then he can get reward-Big money $$$$ from Americans called Enough Project.
    The head of CNRD is Rukokoma Twagiramungu Faustin and Sheff of CNRD is Wilson Irategeka other are follow’s for killing rwandans Hutu Refugees in Congo.
    All These killers should know that our Blood are Red, our Blood are Red to them. The color of our Blood are Red.
    if they do not know meaning they will know, time will come.

    I am asking our Hero’s FDLR to be strong no matter what because time will come who created as is in our side. We are superiors under our God we trust. FDLR God knows you, His with you, and He will be with you.

    FDLR mukomere mugongo mugali uduhetse ntimugasitare natwe Rubanda tubari inyuma. FDLR mukomere ntwari.

  2. Mandela Gasana says:

    Rwandans have to get their priorities right. The whole Father Nahimana publicity stunt was blown out of proportion and turned into sensationalist uproar that helped no one except Father Nahimana. Some people even wrote to Kenyan authorities. Overnight every Rwandan in Europe and America had turned into an activist. Meanwhile, in DRC, more Hutus were being buried while others who died a few days before were still fresh in their graves. It’s almost like the whole airport fiasco was bait and a distraction tactic because all of Rwanda’s opposition jumped on it. It is not a coincidence that Faustin Twagiramungu was one of the people complaining about poor Thomas Nahimana spending one night at an airport. Rwanda’s opposition is being played for fools by Rukokoma while his and Enough Project’s CNRD mercenaries kill more Hutus and try to tarnish the only genuine Rwandan resistance movement left in the world, FDLR. These experiences once again show Rwandans that all these opposition groups are only in it out of self-interest and greed. What is happening in Congo would have caused huge backlash if it had happened to any community in the world, but Rwanda’s opposition parties are under Rukokoma’s thumb and so anyone can continue killing Hutus with impunity because Rukokoma, once Kagame’s hand picked prime minister, is taking a page out of Kagame’s handbook using distraction tactics while carrying out ethnic cleansing

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