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The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) would like to inform the international community that Rwandan HUTU refugees are being slaughtered in KABALO district (TANGANYIKA province) far away from cameras in a shameless silence of the Congolese authorities and of the MONUSCO.

In fact, since the outbreak of armed conflicts between pygmies and LOUBA, the latter are hunting down the HUTU refugees, falsely accused of associating with pygmies. The victims list is yet to be announced. However, for the sole month of November, the number of dead amounts to ten among which two men killed by machetes in a broad daylight on 17/11/2016 in KABALO district center.

Earlier on 02/11/2016 a woman with her two children got killed at LUWALA while her husband narrowly escaped death with a 2 months old baby, abandoned by the defunct mother.

The FDLR strongly condemns the ongoing ruthless killings of HUTU refugees in the total apathy of States and international actors. The FDLR appeals to the UNHCR to take its responsibilities to protect the Rwandan refugees in DRC.

Moreover, the FDLR appeals to MONUSCO to protect all the civilians present in the DRC regardless of their nationality and to conduct a thorough investigation to find the perpetrators of those crimes so that they can be brought to book.

Done on 7th December, 2016

La Forge Fils Bazeye

Information Commissioner and Spokesperson of the FDLR

Email: bazeyefils@gmail.com

Tel: +243-812 808422

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  1. Sinyengo says:

    Gutabaza kw’abahutu nkaho ari ibitambambuga turabirambiwe. abasore bose bari mu ishyamba bagomba guhabwa imyitozo ya gisilikali. Abanyarda tuba hanze tugombwa kwigomwa inzoga amezi atatu maze ayo mafranga akagura intwaro.

  2. Sophia Mukamana says:

    Thank you for letting people knows what happenings right now to the Rwandans Hutu Refugees in DRC. But their no different between USA, UK, MONUSCO, UNHCR or international community because all are cause situation we are in since 1990 to present time 2016. Africans people we should know that our death, massacres, killed, suffers,and all others inhuman to our lives makes Happy to whites People. We see that goals for Western People or White people are to terminate and to eliminate Hutu Population in Great Lakes Region especial Rwandans Hutu Refugees. Clearly, Their is Satellite controlling every thing in DRC or in Great Lakes Region so, everything happens means the International Communty knows before anyone can know it. Every thing are on hands of Pentagon (USA Miltary) or Supervisors of MONUSCO and International Community’s.
    Most people say (97%), The Minerals for DRC are only cause our sufferings too many years, But to eliminate and to terminate Hutu Populations? Rwandans Hutu Refugees killed, massacred in DRC since 1996 to present time 2016 in hands of International Community, and in Hands of UN or MONUSCO ? our Blood are Red. Our Blood are not Water, we are Human like them. Wait and see how who is creation we do to them.
    Time will come. Evils, Devils will be destroyed by my God Universal.

    • Sinyengo Jean says:

      We are utterly tired of hutus crying while doing nothing to liberate themselves. I think they are waiting for Jesus.

  3. Dear Comrades, please accept my heartfelt sympathies and support. It is really unfortunate Hutus population have been deemed human sacrifices for the sustenance of RPF/KAGAME -TUTSI oligarchic system, as a proxy for the U.S & U.K Imperialist Legacy & Interests. Ladies & Gentlemen, dear Comrades, it is actually high time to totally forget about the international community (seeing they do not give a damn whether you die or survive),and move out that box “Eastern -DRC dense forests”, cross the borders and claim both your citizenry rights and motherland by force, as our forefathers put it “UMUGABO ARIGIRA YAKWIBURA AGAPFA”. You should have realised that Persisting in seeking international attention has not worked in the past, is not working in the present, and is more likely not to work in the foreseeable future. SO, WHAT ELSE OPTION DO YOU STILL HAVE??? THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS. Keeping in touch.

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