Ntezimana Casmir, premier Conseiller d'ambassade qui organise les actions terroristes
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Rwandan refugees living in the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville wonder why the Rwandan embassy in Brazzaville was represented by ex-refugees who became members of the diaspora in all areas of Brazzaville, Pointe noire and in the villages distant throughout the country? What are their exact missions?

Refugees fear and wish that the eyes of the competent authorities focus on the various activities of the embassy and its representatives to prevent this embassy to become a command center where destabilization operations for refugees are prepared.

Indeed it is important to remember that diplomats of the embassies of Rwanda in some countries including South Africa; Kenya, Belgium, Canada and Great Britain were suspected by these countries after the investigations that proved afterwards that they were behind the assassinations and attempts of murder and even the disappearances of the refugees.

In some countries such as Kenya an embassy diplomat was caught with a smoking gun after the assassination of an opponent of the Kigali regime who had served the Kagame government before fleeing.

In South Africa, the South African government has decided to expel two Rwandan diplomats from the Rwandan embassy in Pretoria after the investigations revealed that they were behind the assassination of Colonel Patrick Karegeya and the assassination’s attempt of General Kayumba Nyamwasa, all former members of the current Rwandan army.

It is very important to point out that the 2nd Counselor of the Rwandese Embassy in the Congo Lieutenant-Colonel Wilson Rwigamba was in South Africa and suspected of having participated in the 2 high-ranking terrorist acts of South Africa.

It is also important to note that the first counselor of the Rwandan embassy in the Congo, Mr. NTEZIRYIMANA Casimir, was a refugee in Congo Brazzaville not long ago and is a soldier.


Dr Habyarimana Jean Baptiste, ambassador and Nteziryimana Casmir, the first the counselor of Rwandan Ambassy Brazzaville

Rwandan refugees therefore have every reason to believe that the Rwandan embassy in the Congo is nothing but a command center to coordinate the commando operations against Rwandan refugees who have refused to return to Rwanda and take passports of the Rwandan government as the Rwandan government wanted. The operation which caused the simultaneous fire of 26 transit vehicles of a Rwandese refugee by a specialized commando must be the result of this command center.

It is important to remember that Rwandan diplomats during the campaign to raise awareness of the voluntary return to Rwanda precisely at the refugee camp of KINTELE located on the periphery of the north of the city of Brazzaville the ambassador of Rwanda himself threatened the refugees with violent words such as “… one day you will beg us to help you and we won’t listen to you and the Congolese to whom you place your trust will do nothing to save. .. “and the refugees think that they said all these things knowingly what they will do for it to happen.

It important for the Congolese authorities to investigate these barbaric acts because it is the stability of the country that is being harmed. This can also destabilize the economy of the country and the Congolese  are paying the costs because, for example, the fire of the 26 vehicles has been deprived the employment of the personnel who worked there and the vehicles were participating in the country’s economy not only by paying taxes but also by helping the Congolese population. Serious investigations should be conducted to flush out criminal networks that are visibly settling in the country gradually.

Such operations, although targeted at Rwandan refugees, may also lead to the death of the Congolese.Rwandan refugees fear that these operations may be carried out against the Congolese in order to provoke anger on the part of the Congolese people, with the aim of stifling the cohabitation with the Rwandan refugees, while they have always lived in harmony. Especially at this precise moment when the deadline of 31 December for the cessation of refugee status is fast approaching.

In Zambia, a large plot carefully prepared by the Rwandan intelligence service (DMI) surprised the Rwandan refugees who lived there, and it was also when the Zambian government was preparing to apply the Rwandan refugee status clauses. A person came to request a service from a Rwandan trader to keep a packaged package in the freezer, but this package contained genital organs cut on the bodies of the Zambians killed that same day and the traders Refugee answered his request without knowing the contents of the package. The person, who deposited it, quickly went to report to the police. The police came to discover a package full of the genitals. The news spread quickly and the anger of the Zambians caused the looting of the Shops of Rwandan refugees living in Zambia as well as the killing of Rwandan refugees. It was after the investigations that the Zambian services discovered the truth.

That is why Rwandan refugees living in the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville are raising an alarm in time for the same things to not happen in the Congo.

L’Oeil du Peuple

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  1. Muravumba, thy says:

    To all Rwandans Hutu Refugees especial in Congo-Blazzaville including in DR of Congo everyone stand up on the ground with all your feet no matter show les embacille criminals inkotanyi that they are Trash, make sure you react and take actions as quickly as possible to those killers -Inkotanyi. Enough is Enough. No more, I said No more, Rwandans Hutu Refugees we are Human.
    Enough is Enough Rwandans Hutu Refugees protect your self, protect your family, protect you friends and your neighbor from criminals inyenzi-inkotanyi.

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