The mad World: Horrible things are happening in the like concentration camp of Rwandan refugees in Kisangani/DRC

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I can recall a few concentration camps that the world has known in the past.

  1. “Citation: C N Trueman “Concentration camps in Nazi Germany” The History Learning Site, 9 Mar 2015. 24 Jul 2017. Concentration camps in Nazi Germany served a number of purposes. First, these camps were used to jail those who opposed Hitler’s government or were thought to threaten it. Second, knowledge of what life was like in a concentration camp was allowed to leak out – or came out when someone was released. The fear of ending up in such a camp was sufficient for a great many Germans to openly declare their loyalty to Hitler even if this was not the case.Therefore for the Nazi leaders, concentration camps served the dual purpose of controlling the majority of the population because of the fear they engendered and also locking away those who crossed the line- a line imposed by the Nazi government ( The question one can ask is when Hitler was taking these wrong decisions why other people were supporting him? The fear was used to control the masses.

2. Hitler was not the first to use the concentration camp. Long before World War II, the British used this secured “camp” where civilian enemies were placed. It was 1900. The conflict was the Boer War, and the victims were the Dutch settlers in South Africa.

The war began when the Dutch (called the Boers, literally, farmers, by the British) gave an ultimatum to the British to cease reinforcement of the British garrison in South Africa. This happened because the Boer republic, established by the Dutch settlers north of the British colony, had refused to grant politicalrights to the Uitlander (foreigners, mostly English) who were living in the mining areas. The British really wanted an excuse to take over the Boer republic which was rich in diamonds and gold.On Oct. 11, 1899, the fighting began (


This is an example of white people fighting each other over controlling African natural resources. As a human being is the same across the globe, the greed has become the center of all evil. Why these people could not negotiate to share the wealth of miserable black people and chose to kill each other. They are humans too.


Post-Civil War Concentration Camps of the U.S.

Post-Civil War Concentration Camps of the U.S.


After the Civil War (and during the war), millions of freed Black people were funneled into concentration camps near Union army bases where conditions were unsanitary and food was limited. Many were killed through forced starvation, and other means. The most notorious of these instances took place in Nachez, Mississippi, also referred to as the Devil’s Punchbowl. The death camp was established after freed Black individuals fled to Natchez after being emancipated.

“When the slaves were released from the plantations during the occupation they overran Natchez,” says researcher Paula Westbrook. “The population went from about 10,000 to 120,000 overnight.”

Here, tens of thousands of freed Blacks were subjected to horrendous conditions that led to their death. In the end, roughly 20,000 Black men, women and children were killed (

The suffering of a black man has been there for centuries. It is true that black people killed each other also fighting among themselves over resources such as land, cattle, etc. But, the western powerful nations/corporations have looked down him for many years to prevent him to get equal share of the world wealth. Many African wars are linked in one way or another to African natural resources.

In 1990, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) launched a war on a peaceful country Rwanda. The RPF was well supported by Uganda and some western nations (USA, UK, Belgian, Canada and Israel). In 1993, there was an agreement to share power through Arusha peaceful negotiations in Tanzania. With the help of western nations, RPF shot down the presidential jet and ignited the killings of 1994 ( The same RPF, on the 30th April 1994, went to the UN to prevent any one who could come to stop the killings. The killings continued until end of June 1994 and many innocent people lost their lives (

When RPF was marching over the whole country, many people fled in neighbouring countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi). RPF crossed the border to DRC in 1996 to hunt down refugees mostly hutus labelling them genocidaires. UN was watching when more than 300 000 hutu refugees were massacred and others were forced to return to Rwanda (nobody knows where those who returned are). The survivors of the massacres run into the eastern DRC forces where the hunt has been going on till today (unbelievable, but it is true –

The Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda/Democratic forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) was born in 2000 for primarily to fight the endless attacks from Kigali that were targeting hutu refugees. On the 31st May 2014, FDLR accepted to lay down weapons to give a chance of a negotiated settlement where Rwandan refugees can return in dignity to their mother land Rwanda ( It goes without saying that one of the FDLR demand was to open a political space where Rwandans can exercise their rights to choose freely their leaders. RPF government refused and the international community never put any pressure on Kigali government for possible lasting peace in the region of the great lakes region. In return, UNHCR and Kigali government came up with another trick of dividing Rwandan refugees those who fled before 1998 and after. Many African states hosting most of these refugees could not understand this move and it was somehow characterised as hypocrisy.

No one can say that a refugee who fled on the 31 December 1998 is different from the one who fled on the 1st January 1999. The explanation that people have fled different things cannot be substantiated as some refugees might get facts of new things happening in Rwanda that can prevent them from going back (Rwandans continue to flee the country). It is known that the date of Kigali government and UNHCR is 31 December 2017. But, how people will return home while others are fleeing? Let us wait the date and see how it will happen.

 It looks like a concentration camp – LT Gen BAUMA CAMP (KISANGANI/DRC)

This camp has a population of close to 800 refugees made of those who laid down weapons and their dependents. They are other camps of Kanyabayonga (North Kivu) and Walungu (South Kivu). Here I will talk only on this LT Gen BAUMA camp in Kisangani. My perspective is based on the expression of some women refugees who cannot take it anymore. The living conditions are disastrous and above all is the mistreatment from the people who are supposed to be in charge of them. Any oppressed human being will try to express his or her feelings to attacks which try to dehumanise him/her ( I have shown examples of concentration camps of human beings who died of diseases, starvation and other unthinkable things in a civilised world. It is unconceivable to see a grown up person telling another grown up person that he or she is useless! And this can be seen by expressed body language, words of denigrating another person like you are refugees, you should pack and go home, you do not have any rights, you are a burden to us, etc … The food is given with words on top, the education of kids is destroyed by jailing teachers and those who can think how to organise them, pregnant women are not taken care of, multiple miscariages and mothers and babies who do not survive during baby delivery, the sick are not treated with dignity, etc … The funny thing, these people can also become refugees, only our bad nature is to think that when we are in good conditions, bad things will not happen to us.

I was shocked when I saw a big boat full of refugees from Europe running away to Africa during World War II (please see the picture below). Why some people think that refugees from Rwanda are not complete human beings? And if you analyse well the carnage in the great lakes region, you will see the hand of western nations and some sponsored western puppets who are terrorising daily people (, ).



In our modern world, we should get away of concentration camps of human beings. Let us treat each other in dignity. My problem might be yours tomorrow. The world we live in is becoming dangerous because of our unthinkable actions/behaviours. The greed destroys only. How much is needed to satisfy a greedy person, think about it. Who can prove me wrong if I say that the hell we are in is the greedy people who are running after the world wealth and do not want to share with others. You might call me naïve, but I am saying the truth. The equal competitiveness that would increase the wealth we need, was replaced by tying the hands of your neighbour and start competing against yourself (monopolies of this world). This will not take us anywhere, the hungry will not sit and watch. Therefore, the endless conflicts will be unavoidable.

Our brothers and sisters in the LT Gen BAUMA camp should be treated with dignity. The world organisations for human rights should get to know what is happening in that part of the world, let us speak it out and discourage our fellow world citizens with a problem of greed and push them to think humanely. The refugees should be treated with dignity, it is us, world citizens, who will make our place better to live in. Let us say no to these world corporations that are destroying our beloved world in their pursuit of world natural resources. I think if all of us who need peace, can speak out together, these oppressors will not find a place where to hide.

Intabaza reader

David Rudatinya

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One Response to The mad World: Horrible things are happening in the like concentration camp of Rwandan refugees in Kisangani/DRC

  1. Uwase Marcelina says:

    The World War III is on the door, the world war III is coming soon.
    I advisor my people to stay tie, please stay tie and ties each other each like family as we are Rwandans Refugees especial in DRC Kisangani Refugees Camp and or/all DR of Cong please be-aware of Western peole because the never change to terminate, eliminate and destroying Black population are always their goel. This can’t be change because is how the are or they made.
    Before when I was Child I though every thing walk with two (2) legs are Human never was wrong, was not every body you see are walking with two legs all are not human, some yes, but not all. Please be advised to stay away, very far away from Western People. From what I know, and from my experiences please be aware for those people because we need to survive another day by my God Universal.
    Rfugees are in Kisangani refugee camp need to be return to where was, I mean find way you can return to FDLR-abacunguzi and stay tie as I mentioned earlier.

    Uwase Marcelina

    From North America

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