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This is not a “revolution” because revolution took place in 1960s in the region. It is now the “INTIFADA” coming up soon in central Africa. In an Arabic meaning, Intifada is “SHAKE” or “SHAKE OFF” or “GET RID OFF.” Which means in an Arabic context, a legitimate uprising against oppression. That is, Israelites oppression against Palestinians. Oppression is the triggering fact for this Intifada that is coming up in central Africa; and it is likely to start in Rwanda since the current Rwandan government under Paul Kagame is the most oppressive regime that ever existed after Hitler’s.

This Intifada can also start in Uganda since Yoweli Kaguta Museveni has been oppressing Ugandans for more than Thirty years on power. The recent Ugandan presidential elections that Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye won but confiscated by Museveni’s factory of lies, is likely to lead to this Intifada. However, President Donald Trump said on 22nd February 2016 that “Ugandan people are cowards, that they are easily dispersed by a single teargas canister and their votes are stolen. Museveni belongs to prison and not State house.”  I would add that Museveni deserves Hell not even prison.

It is also possible for this Intifada to start in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the situation is even worse as millions of people have been butchered in the complicity of Joseph Kabila with Museveni Kaguta and Paul Kagame. It is important to mention (but still need to be researched) that Joseph Kabila is a Rwandan adopted by Desire Kabila in Tanzania. In this connection, Kaguta, Kagame and Kabila Joseph are related somehow. The cancelation of presidential elections that could have taken place in November 2016 in DRC, was and still is a reasonable cause for Congolese to start the Intifada of the region. The problem of Congolese is that they are not only cowards like Ugandan people, they are even more corrupt and fearful guys I ever seen. But they can still start this Intifada as they successfully got rid of Belgians in 1960.

Burundi is likely to be another source of this Intifada. To this subject of matter, Burundians are neither cowards nor fearful people. Either Tutsis or Hutus. The failed putsch of 14th May 2015 in Burundi, is a good reference. What would make Intifada possible in Burundi is the next Presidential elections if the current president Pierre Nkurunziza dares to contest for presidency again. But even before that, bloodshed is likely to happen in Burundi under Museveni’s plan of Tutsis Empire in the region that is under Kagame’s duty. That is why he (Kagame) convinced all Tutsis to quit Burundi to Rwanda so that he could find a reason to overthrow the Burundian Hutu regime in the pretext of stopping Genocide as he claims he did in 1994, in Rwanda. It is important to know that if Kaguta, Kagame, and Kabila are related, only Burundi is remaining for the Tutsi Empire to reach its final borders before it extends to Tanzania and Kenya.  It is also important not to forget that Museveni is the one who dreamed such a dirty idea of Tutsi Empire. That is why I said he deserves hell, not even prison.  My point is that, wherever location this Intifada will start from in central Africa, it will change the situation of the whole region. Just watch! RWANDA qualifies to produce this unstoppable wind in the region.

The Rwandan Intifada will be severe than the recent one that took place in Tunisia in January 2011, when a young unemployed man Mahamed  Boazizi was prevented to sell vegetables on the street. Right now, as I am visualizing this Intifada, a video posted by Royal TV pups up on YouTube showing how the poorest Rwandan community in Nyabugogo market, that survive out of selling small items in that market, are furious with the government militias that have been torturing them to death for decades. Their facial expressions show anger and hunger. It is a matter of time for the situation to be out of control of the dictatorship rule of Kagame.

The fact that Kagame decided to bring back monarchy in Rwanda, as his ancestors did 400 years ago before the Rwandan revolution of 1959, Rwanda becomes highly susceptible to something that will surprise the earth than before. This is something that westerners do not understand at all. As they failed to conduct a reasonable risk assessment when they decided to let Kagame sacrifice Tutsis that were in country in 1994, and so he has muted westerners for that, Westerners are even still blind to the situation of the region.

What does the United States mean by saying that “The United States congratulates the people of Rwanda on their active and peaceful participation in the presidential election held August 4?” That was not active and peaceful participation at all, it was out of an acquiescent life, because that is how life is in Rwanda. And if there was an active participation was to those who did not vote for Kagame believing that it was an opportunity to vote for someone else who can opt for democracy. But as Kagame himself mentioned during his campaign that the results are already known, and that so be it to those it hurts, the United States should think about how those who actively participated for bringing change are feeling now under the same tyranny that is expected to rule over them until 2034 from 1994.

Whatever the case, Africans must withdraw from this mind of dependency upon neocolonialists who are not interested in our freedom, in our liberation. Our fate is their bread and butter. This mind of withdrawing from the neocolonialists should be combined with the ideology of getting rid of African dictatorship governments. We must liberate for ourselves from neocolonialism of the westerners and from African dictatorship system. We need democracy and not monarchy in the image of a Republic like what is happening in Rwanda.

I congratulate Victoire Ingabire (a HUTU) for starting the Rwandan Intifada Movement by “SHAKING” Kagame’s dictatorship. I congratulate Diane Rwigara (a TUTSI) for strengthening the Rwandan Intifada Movement by “SHAKING OFF” Kagame’s monarchical rule. This is something meaningful to this coming Rwandan Final Intifada.

It is beyond Rwandan ethnic conflict. That is why it is beyond the Rwandan 1959 revolution. Hence becoming Intifada. I congratulate FDLR for accepting to die for who you are. I once more congratulate you for protecting Hutu refugees in the jungle of Congo for all these years against such a huge and powerful battle fronts of kagame’s army sponsored by powerful neocolonialists. I congratulate RNC for the mobilization against Kagame’s kingship as well.

It is clearly seen that one phase is remaining for the Rwandan dictatorship to feel in their veins that the INTIFADA is happening. They certainly felt Ingabire’s shake, and they are obviously feeling Diane’s Shake off. Now, it is the time to get rid of Kagame’s kingship.

Victoire Ingabire and Diane Rwigara have done their part. It doesn’t matter who else will accomplish the task. Either FDLR itself or RNC itself or both together, or somebody  independent.

The Rwandan Intifada must go beyond ethnicity and regionalism. Because it must leave Rwanda and the whole region of Grate Lakes of Africa in a pure democracy.

The reader of Intabaza


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  1. Uwase Marcelina says:


    I thank you alot for this article and demonstration you provided for us. Yes, time is now to take what ever it is, and whatever will be to tast kagame’s kingship, not just to get rid of kagame, we need to elase, terminate, and to eliminate all entire systematic already build by ethnic Hima Tutsi in africa great lack region. This must be done as soon as possible because we are closer to overtrowing our central Africa continent from Western people by Ne-ocolonizing (English Colonizing). This is unacceptable we already had independence happened 1962 cannot replaced by Monarch at this time.
    all of us Mens, Womens, Young, and Old we must stand up on the ground with all of our feet to say No, Never. we must fight for our freedom, fight for our democracy, and fight for our right to live no matter what. Time is now. Time is now.
    I thank you FDLR everday, I thank FDLR every second for their worker they done to protect Rwandans Refugees in DRC.

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