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The top news in Africa now is the second major rise of slavery of black people of Africa. Two or three centuries ago, some chiefs of tribes in Africa sold their people to adventurer Arabs and Europeans in exchange with pieces of silvers, or beer, or necklaces. Those our brothers/sisters were transported to foreign countries, especially to South and North America to work in sugar cane, tobacco, cotton fields, in nascent heavy industries, building roads and houses, and do any hard work for white peoples while wildly treated worse than beasts. Let’s not forget that millions of them have perished along the way being thrown in the sea because of the atrocious living conditions on the boats.

Today, the slavery has resumed. All started with multiple invasions to African countries like Libya and others. The invaders use to start with the song of Democracy. When Libya was destroyed, Kaddafi, the president at that time was accused of being a dictator, of having killed 100 Libyans. We have all seen how Kaddafi was killed like a dog, and then chaos that followed will never end. Black people, citizen and immigrants, many of them were tortured, killed and some died in the sea when trying to reach Europe, fleeing the death installed by NATO; their crime was only to have been treated well by Kaddafi.

The worse thing that is going on now is the genocide of thousands of black immigrants who try to immigrate to Europe searching for a better life through Libya. Those young men are from Sub Saharian countries and are falsely told there is a way to cross the sea and reach Europe where they may find jobs. Libya, the principal road for them, being a country without rule and law, many of those young people are captured, imprisoned, and sold as slaves.


Kagame, the president of Rwanda, who declared Kaddafi’s death in search of the favor of the West, pretends now to be the first rescuer of those unfortunate people. He wants to take them to the impoverished tiny country, Rwanda, with millions habitants and problems. Kagame has killed more than 3 million in Rwanda, more than 6 million in Congo, but he is viewed by those who killed Kaddafi as the best president in Africa. It is sad. What does Kagame want to do with those African men whom he and others have made slaves on the soil of their ancestors? Why do African leaders keep silent in front of such tragedy? Why don’t they ask where Kagame is going to settle those people in a country where 495 citizens share 1 km2? The majority of Rwandan citizen are dying of hunger, have nowhere to grow the crops as they used to; their lands have been confiscated by the RPF aristocrats. What does Kagame want to do with those unfortunate refugees?? Before he makes this show of mercy by giving shelters and lands to foreign people, Kagame should tell what he has been fabricating with our brothers and sisters who have been disappearing overtime since the beginning of his RPF tyrannical regime. The world must watch and follow up the lives of foreigners in Rwanda; Citizens have been disappearing and there has been no any follow-up; who will question about foreigners who might be reported missing? What is the fate of all those young men whom Kigali regime declares “missing” and are never found? Thousands of them may be those bodies floating in Rweru and Nile rivers!!! The traffic of organs has become common in our world. What else do we want to know on about our people that RPF kidnaps, takes to Iwawa and never come back, or imprisones and die in jail??? Go ahead Kagame! Get money! You are blessed by the Prince of this World!!!!!

But Kagame does not stop there. Israel has rounded up the migrants who came from several countries of Africa to Israel as asylum seekers. Netanyahu and Kagame have made a deal of relocating 40.000 young men to Rwanda (only young men) from Eritrea and South Soudan (ONLY these two countries). Kagame who enjoys “killing Rwandan citizens in a broad daylight” as he enjoys to say loud and clear, he has strangely declared his mercy and love for those foreign young men from Eritrea and South Sudan, the people whom Israel leaders want to throw into the sea or anywhere else if they do not voluntarily leave the country


Let’s look back in 1990’s when RPF led by Kagame invaded Rwanda to kill not only the two presidents of Rwanda and Burundi and trigger the genocide of Rwandans, but also to kill more than 10 million of Hutus in Rwanda and Congo. Let’s recall that in that war, thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese men were hired by RPF and were involved in mass killing of Hutu people who were so- called ENEMY…. Now, what do you think, you Rwandans, about these young Eritrean and Sudanese whom Kagame is going to hire in the Great Lakes Region? Do you think 40 000 men are coming to settle and be ordinary citizen of Rwanda? Do you think that some of them have no any link with what they did in 1990s in our country?? Remember!!!…, they are being paid. Kagame has problems of invading Congo (as he can no longer trust his army). He has Israeli friends with whom he loots minerals in Congo. He needs men to arm and send there. That is why Israel is sending 40.000 men to Kagame. Only men are sold (no women, children); those men are going to be armed by RPF again, willingly or not, and being sent to the war in Congo (or any neighboring country) to pave the way for the thieves and destroyers of Africa. The rise of a new ISIS in Central and East Africa could be on its way.


Where are you Human Right men and women who do not let Burundi’s President sleep a minute, accusing him of killing Africans? Get up please! Netanyahu wants to throw away thousands of young Africans who have any crime other than having fled the bad regimes or joblessness….Tell Netanyahu to respect the international laws regarding refugees or migrants!!!!! You who claim yourselves to act as humanitarians, why don’t you stop Kagame to bargain prices on human beings????Where are you? .. Where are you The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), who should stand for the rights of the refugees: Are you blind and cannot see the miseries of those Human creatures in the North Africa??? What do you mean, you, Mr Moussa Faki Mahamat, president of the commission of African Union (AU) when you say “We thank president Kagame who is willing to take those refugees?” Have you read the Mapping report accomplished by UN experts? Have you read it and understood how Kagame has destroyed more than 10 million of Human lives in Congo to simply satisfy his thirst for blood? Now, how can you believe that the same man is able to solve the problem of undesirable Africa children? As you know Kagame will receive(or has already received) from Israel $5000 for each man; this makes $200 million for 40,000 men. There is no place for them to live, they will be sent, I repeat, to the wars of Kagame in the great lakes region. You, African Union members, how can you allow such trade of Africa children? This is a shame for Africa.

African Brothers and sisters, can you help me to call those members of AU and tell them “YOUR FAKE “AU” HAS BEEN USELESS, PLEASE PUT IT TO THE END!!!” You who are so-called “International Community”, you who pretend to stand for the whole human community of the World, why do you keep silent in front of this human tragedy? Is it because only black people are in chains?

And you African Leaders especially you who are members of the organizations of EAC and SADC, what do you think about this human catastrophe??? Are you going to only keep watching too??Do you think this new ISIS that Kagame is bringing in the region will only kill Rwandans and Congolese as it happened in 1990-1994 -1996 1997?? I let you think….

And you religious leaders, who made vows for becoming the messengers of God, for proclaiming the Word of salvation all the days of your lives; where are you? Are you there for these persecuted asylum seekers, the prisoners, the naked, homeless, the hungry and those who are enslaved in Northern Africa??? If you keep silent, you are the accomplice in these barbaric acts directed to peoples who are perhaps your parishioners, members of your Christian or Muslim communities???

To all Africans: children, young, adults and old who are still active, let’s endlessly raise our voices and tell Kagame and his masters to STOP slavery of Africa children, to stop destroying our region in looting its riches, to stop depopulating our Great Lakes Region with the bloodshed that is way overdue

God bless everyone.


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