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Sources from the Walungu transit camp report that a 15 yrs old by the name of Mwavita Francoise, daughter of Kanyarutoki is facing a forceful repatriation to Rwanda, along with her family as well as the family of her boyfriend, a 19yr old named Leandre. According to the refugees inside the camp, as soon as it was revealed that the 15yr old was pregnant, a team of MONUSCO staffers gathered around the refugees and told them that unless the young couple agreed to go to Rwanda, a country of which they know nothing about, both having been born in exile, they would forced to go along with both their family, falsily citing a non existent agreement between the refugees and MONUSCO that bars those staying in the transit camp from getting pregnant, and a non existent Congolese law that states that any girl who get pregnant out of wedlock must face a 20 yr prison sentence, assertions that are outrageously misleading, and should never come out of the mouths of people who represent an international institution such as the UN.


The day following this announcement, a UN team along with Congolese government agents brought a pick up truck to repatriate the families. The young couple agreed to go to Rwanda as long as their families were spared, an offer which the team then rejected, making it clear that their goal had been to force the families back to Rwanda all along, and that the pregnancy situation had been just an excuse.

It is also being reported that for the last 6 days the UN has cut off all food and water supplies to the camp as part of its current modus operandi to keep tormenting these refugees by starvation, so that they may lose all hope and return to Rwanda, where according to Human Rights watch, most of them are thrown in jail and subjected to endless torture even death.


It is inconceivable that this type of flagrant human right abuse keeps taking place in a camp run by the UN. It is incumbent to all international human right organizations and institution such as SADC to investigate these incidents and come to the aid of these helpless refugees, some of whom are former freedom fighters who laid down their weapons in hopes giving peace a chance. History will not look kindly upon those who use a prestigious institution such as the UN to perpetrate crimes in the name of the so called international community.

Louise Mukasine,


Bukavu, DRC

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