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This is a Rwandan tradition carrier (Ingobyi) of patients to the clinics, which is still commonly used in the abandoned rural areas in Rwanda.

After hearing the shocking news that Rwanda has signed up an agreement with Arsenal team over “visit Rwanda” at 39 million US Dollars, and after hearing Mr. Olivier Nduhungirehe on BBC, in a Kinyarwanda program (Imvo n’imvano) published on 2nd June, 2018, I decided to bring my contribution upon the matter to the international community.

The picture above is not computerized, it is real and there is a patient in there carried to the clinic. Right now, as you are reading this article, this is happening in different locations throughout the country, of course in the rural areas where the abandoned community is forced to live. Those are the areas that have been going through excessive famine for two years now and are the ones that the recent floods have affected the most because of inadequate buildings among the impoverished community.

Kagame as an extremist and narcissistic Tutsi on power prefer to give to the United Kingdom their money back instead of helping the abandoned community. This is the community that is devastated by the jigger bites because they are denied access to the basic needs to survive. The same way that the inmates live under critical conditions in the prisons, is the same way the impoverished community lives in the abandoned rural areas. The picture above tells enough. If this is their ambulance in 21st century, you can imagine the rest. The aid that Rwanda receives goes into the RPF’s account. Nduhungirehe said it well that they are doing business for their political party in the name of the country as they always use the mafia to remain on power.

Kagame is a man of mafia, a narcissistic and sadist man who would prefer to invest in Gorillas rather than in humans, Kagame is a sadist man and anti-Christ who prefer the boreholes in Kigali rather than churches, unless the church that preaches Kagame’s ideology. That is, God did not save the Tutsi survivors during the Rwandan Genocide, only Kagame did. In her book “In Praise of Blood”, Judi Rever has told you what you cannot deny at least. We certainly have more data that we can add to her research. Kigali with nice buildings and clean roads is not only Rwanda. When you respond to Kagame’s invitation through Arsenal, try to go to the rural areas and see how people are suffering with the jigger bites, hunger, etc, because of the extreme poverty, go and see what is happening in the prisons. Certainly, they would not allow you to see them, they would rather prefer you to see their Gorillas.  We have been regretting and regret the blind eye of the westerners to the mafia of Kagame and his clique.

The reader of Intabaza

Peacemaker Zirimwabagabo

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