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 Tutsis are not Jews, Hutus are not Germans, and the Belgians are supposed to know this. In fact the Belgians know this. They took over Rwanda from the Germans after the First World War, and they kept in place the oppressive Tutsi Monarchy which they supervised for several decades treating Hutus as slaves whose sole purpose in life was to work for the enrichment of the Belgians and their tutsis privileged servants. The Father of our Republic President Gregoire Kayibanda referred to this state of affairs as the double colonization.

When Hitler decided that his master race of Aryan super beings should take over the world and rid of it of all inferior races in his twisted mind, King Yuhi Musinga and his mother Kanjogera-a sociopath not unlike her grand nephew Kagame, who once gauged a man’s eyes out for pointing her out to a white man, as she was masquerading as servant around the court so as not to be noticed by said white man for fear of being struck by that man’s curse-supported the German monster’s cause, because they felt that their authority had been greatly reduced by the Belgians, and they hoped that a German victory would reestablish their control over the Kingdom so they can go on doing whatever they please with the Hutu masses and the less privileged tutsis. This conflict resulted in King Musinga being exiled by the Belgians and replaced by his son Rudahigwa who had also converted to Christianity, and had started to listen to the grievances of some of the Hutus who had been educated by the Catholic church, and were at the time demanding the right to participate in the political affairs of the country.

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Even though King Musinga had been exiled, his mother and most of tutsi elite at the royal court were violently opposed to the Hutus’ demands and asserted that Hutus were meant to serve Tutsi by virtue of the fact that their ancestors had been conquered and vanquished by Tutsi kings whose blood line was believed to be of a supernatural origin, making Tutsis superior and entitled to ruling over the hutus as they please. This superiority complex is still the driving force behind Kagame’s RPF, and it is the only thing that explains why a minority group decides to take up arms and attempt to subjugate the majority by force of arms. One can only imagine what would happen of the African continent, if every minority group in any country were to pick up arms and attack the majority at the same time claiming to be victims of a genocide whenever the majority group tried to defend itself. This tutsi supremacist view of the world has always been the tie that binds tutsi demagogues and white bigots who prefer using minority group on the African continent to control the larger populations like they did with Apartheid in South Africa where some Western Government branded the ANC a terrorist organization and Nelson Mandela a terrorist ring leader, until the injustice of it all became so untenable that the Western powers were forced to reverse course and suddenly embraced Nelson Mandela as universal hero as if nothing had ever happened to put his heroism and patriotism into question.

The fact that the RPF tutsi activists in the West along with their white supremacist supporting cast keep trying to manipulate the Jewish community into believing that the situation in Rwanda is a replica of what happened in Germany during the Second World War is a real travesty and it is a tragedy in itself. The idea of using genocide as a political weapon against Hutu started appearing in the Tutsi rhetoric in the late 1950’s early 1960’s after the voices of Hutus demanding freedom and equality in their country became too loud to ignore, and the claim by the Tutsis that they were a special group of people descendents of heavenly creatures endowed with the power to rule over hutus by divine decree, became too ridiculous to repeat in public, some genius amongst the Tutsi elite around the King came up with the idea that being a minority makes the tutsis an endangered species and that unless they retained power by all means necessary they would become victims of genocide just like the Jews in Germany.

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The Tutsi monarchy resisted the calls to share power with the Hutus, a fact that triggered the 1959 social revolution which ended the tutsi monarchy and led to Rwanda becoming a Republic. At the time the claims of genocide by the tutsi monarchy were largely ignored by both the Belgian authorities and the UN as they knew full well that they were nothing but a political ploy by a racist tyrannical monarchy attempting to hang on to power by fooling the entire world that their fate was different from that of the other tyrannical regimes that were overthrown by popular revolutions in the 1960s, along with colonialism itself. However, the tutsi elite, descendants of the Monarchy that fled the country in the 1960’s did not let go off their intent to reconquer the power in Rwanda and the strategy to use genocide as a weapon against the Hutu majority was refined over a period to 30 years to be unleashed on the country by the RPF in the 1990s with devastating effect, the results of which are more than 10 millions dead in Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of the Great Lakes of Africa.

Make no mistake about it, the core of the RPF’s ideology stems from the old tutsi monarchy kalinga system, which centered around governing by horror, extreme violence and manipulation as illustrated by the symbol of the kingdom’s power which was a drum adorned with human body parts(male genitals, female breast, eye balls, etc) commonly known as kalinga passed over from one king to the next, something if understood in modern times would only come up in police discovery of a serial killer’s layer. Unfortunately this is our history and this went on even at a time when the Belgians were around presiding over the whole macabre horror show. And since this insanity could not be replicated at the turn of the last century when the RPF took power in Rwanda, the RPF went with a more subtle form of horror show, which is the ignoble practice of not burying the remains of the dead, but instead exposing their bones into different locations around the country under the pretense that it is a way of preserving the memory. We are Africans we bury our dead and anyone who lived through what happened in our country knows that there is nothing on heaven or earth that would make someone forget that we lost more than a million people in our country just so that the RPF can reclaim power and export death and devastation in the whole region. How twisted do the members of a government minds have to be, to come to the conclusion that leaving people’s loved ones skeletal remains unburied for public display going as far as selling tickets for this insanity is nothing short of diabolical, but every single thing the RPF does has a purpose, and in this case the purpose of this is to keep the people traumatized so that they never ever have to question what the ruler(Kagame in this case) does.

Another practice by the RPF which draws directly from the Kalinga system is what is known as rooting out the vendetta(guca inzigo), this one consists of killing every single person related to the conquered leader so as not to have anyone asking for justice or even thinking about revenge. What is going on in Belgium right now with the open persecution of young Belgian nationals from hutu parents is in line with this practice. After the RPF’s victory in 1994, its soldiers proceeded to kill most of the educated hutus in villages large and small, hunting specifically for those they referred to as opinion leaders. Even though at some point the pace of the killing decreased but it never stopped. Having managed to put the whole country under some kind lock and key, where a man or woman with an AK47 looks over every family to insure they behave accordingly, the only escapees from this onslaught were those hutus who fled as far as possible from Rwanda, and we know that Belgium received the largest number of these hutus that managed to reach the Western hemisphere.

It is worth noting that the RPF has drawn up a list of all individuals who held any kind of meaningful position under the hutu regime and their descendants, and this includes the babies that were brought into Brussels in strollers just a few hours after the plane carrying two heads of States and an army chief of staff was blown out of the sky in a the false flag operation by the RPF, which decapitated the Government,thus precipitating the country into chaos and unleashing the blood bath that later on spread over the whole sub region leaving more than 10 million dead. Where the RPF could not kill or imprison the hutus, it has tried to brand them as killers or descendants of killers so as to make their lives as miserable as possible wherever they may be. It is imperative that Western politicians, or jewish organizations that find themselves being lobbied by RPF activists to go after young Rwandans of hutu origin think twice before engaging in an activity that history is going to judge harshly once the full RPF international deception is exposed much to the dismay of those who supported their racist based campaign against the Great Lakes Region since 1990.

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It would also be very wise for all the Tutsis who have parted ways with the RPF to work diligently in exposing the hidden agenda behind the entire RPF expansionist project instead of pretending that the whole thing is Kagame’s fault. No offense to the ever powerful stick man(Kagame), but we know he has a lot of help from like minded tutsis who still believe that unless they run the region no one else can live in peace. By openly persecuting young hutus who by all indication seem to be going about their business in the most mild fashion possible in exercising their right to free speech, the RPF has crossed a line where those who kept hoping that peace and reconciliation were possible are now realizing that the only way to face and contend with the RPF threat is to return the fear from whence it came. The RPF is a neo-fascist group that must be confronted and dealt with as such. Anyone who allies themselves with it should do so knowing that the blood of 10million souls in the Great Lakes region is calling for justice and that a day of reckoning will come soon or later.



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