Kagame's RDF
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In the early hours of the morning of April 13, 2020, several units of RDF terrorists left Kahunga nearby Kiwanja heading towards Mabega on their way to Kasali in the Rutchuru district, in the North Kivu Province (Democratic Republic of Congo), while another column of these same terrorists headed towards an area known as Kidodi with the objective to destroy the nearby village which had been a peaceful safe heaven for civilian Rwandese hutu refugees in the area.

Honorable Juvenal Munubo Mubi points out the presence of Rwandan Deence Force (RDF) on the congolese soil

Honorable Juvenal Munubo Mubi points out the presence of Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) on the Congolese soil.

Dressed up as FARDC soldiers, these RDF criminals assaulted the village from multiple positions, and burned down huts and crops and rained mortar shells and different types of bombs on this village for several hours, and women, children and the elderly were forced to leave their shelters running away from them for their lives. The number of casualties is not yet known but what is clear is that this action has put an already tense community due to the COVID-19 into chaos, the result of which will be catastrophic for the whole region.

We should note that these Rwandese troops that are laying siege to a village of innocent civilians deep inside the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo crossed the international border within the last two weeks. As an official border shutdown was already in effect to combat the coronavirus. It is clear, based on the fact that the DRC especially the Eastern had only three confirmed cases while Rwanda has more than 120, that this action has put in danger all precautions the DRC had taken to protect its population from the pandemic, though it is clear that some elements of the FARDC have colluded with these RDF terrorists, the current operation seems to be a solely Rwandese undertaking.

It is imperative the Government of the DRC takes its responsibility to protect its population in the East, but also deals with its primary responsibility to protect its border with its Eastern belligerent neighbor. We also call on the international community to speak up with one voice against  these blatant war crimes because the consequences will be enormous to the region, no matter how distracted the world might be, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Goma, DRC

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