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THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES (GVRR), association whose mission is to speak out for atrocities committed against the Rwandan refugees, to make their voice being heard, and to advocate for the democratic participation of refugees in the decisions-making processes that may have an adverse effect on their protection, has been following with great interest the situation prevailing in the African Great Lakes region since October 1, 1990 and strongly condemns the threats made as well as the terrorist acts carried out by the Kigali regime against human rights actors and other individuals who advocate for the restoration of truth and demand justice for all victims of crimes committed in the Great Lakes region from October 1, 1990 to this day.

THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES condemns with the utmost energy the threats orchestrated by the Kigali regime’s agents and close supporters, and in particular, the recent threats instigated by General James KABAREBE who is Special Advisor to President Paul Kagame. These threats are aimed at intimidating the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Denis MUKWEGE so as to ensure that he (Dr Mukwege) abandons his demands he tirelessly submits to the United Nations, requesting it to act on the findings of the UN Mapping Report published in October 2010. This report, which contains critical, concrete and substantial evidence, qualifies the crimes perpetrated by the RPF against the Congolese populations and HUTU refugees as “crimes against the humanity, war crimes, even Genocide”.

THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES takes this occasion to denounce the Rwandan regime’s policy of intimidation, harassment, incarceration and elimination of anyone who seeks to shed light on the abuses committed by the RPF. This policy is fiercely defended and implemented through diplomatic representations whereby embassies are transformed into fortresses for death squads tasked with assassinating opponents of the Kigali regime. The most striking example is that of the Rwandan embassy in South Africa where three (3) Rwandan diplomats were expelled from South Africa in March 2014 for their involvement in the assassination of late Colonel Patrick KAREGEYA. The prominent ambassadors in this dirty and mafia operations include Mr. Vincent KAREGA, current Ambassador of Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Mr. Jean-Claude NIKOBISANZWE, current Ambassador to Mozambique and Mr. Olivier NDUHUNGIREHE, former Ambassador of Rwanda to Belgium. Mr. KAREGA and Mr. NDUHUNGIREHE were the first to support the General James KABAREBE’s threats against the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Denis MUKWEGE.

It is crucial to note that the situation of Dr MUKWEGE is not an isolated case because in the past, more individuals have been victims of this murderous policy. We can in particular mention:

  1. Archbishop MUNZIHIRWA MWENE NGABO, assassinated on October 29, 1996 in Bukavu by a commando of the Rwandan army. The latter strongly denounced the oppression of the Kigali regime and the abuses of the AFDL movement;
  2. Archbishop Emmanuel KATALIKO, who died from poisoning in 2001 following his stand in favor of the population which was subject to occupation and repression by the Rwandan and Ugandan armies;
  3. Reverend Pastor Christopher MTlKILA, Tanzanian, assassinated in 2015 because of his revelations about Kagame’s criminal activities for the creation of a HIMA-TUTSI empire in the Central and Eastern Africa region;
  4. Advocate CHEBEYA BAHIZIRE, assassinated on June 2, 2010 in Kinshasa;
  5. Dr MUKWEGE escaped an assassination attempt in October 2012 and the guard of his house was shot at close range;

Other people who have been subjects of open threats, intimidation and harassment are: Mr. Jakaya Mrisho KIKWETE (former President of Tanzania, openly threatened with death by President Kagame); Mr Charles ONANA (journalist); Ms. Judi REVER (journalist); Late Pierre PEAN, (journalist); Ms. Carla Del PONTE (former prosecutor of the ICTR); Ms. Masako YONEKAWA; Anjan SUNDARAM (journalist); Mr. Fernando Andreu MERELLES (Spanish Judge); Mr. Jean-Louis BRUGUIERE (French Judge); Reverend Pastor MUKUNA; Reverend Pastor KUTINO Fernando; etc.

THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES congratulates the Congolese government on its decision to open an investigation in the matter and put in place measures to ensure the safety of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

GVRR denounces the unworthy behavior of the international community to systematically sweep all the reports commissioned by the UN that clearly implicate RPF elements in the massacres under the carpet. Among the important reports that remain concealed from public view or knowledge, we can mention:

  1. GERSONY report of 1994: This report looks at the massacres (qualified as genocide) of HUTUS in Rwanda in 1994;
  2. Roberto GARRETON’s report of 1998: This report clarifies the murder and disappearance of hundreds of thousands of HUTU refugees (Rwandans and Burundians). This UN team investigated about forty sites in the DRC and reported on more than two hundred thousand (200,000) dead bodies of Rwandan refugees;
  3. The UN Mapping Report published in October 2010: This report qualifies the systematic, methodical, and premeditated crimes perpetrated by the RPF against Congolese and HUTU refugees (children, women, the elderly and the sick) as “crimes against humanity, crimes of war, even genocide”;
  4. Refusal of the international community to conduct a serious investigation on and to shed light upon the real perpetrators of the villainous assassination of Presidents Juvénal HABYARIMANA of Rwanda and Cyprien NTARYAMIRA of Burundi on April 6, 1994. The dismissal of this case on the ground of lack of evidence by French justice is completely unjust in both form and nature. The dismissal is based on a political decision with political motives and ends. It makes a mockery of the family members of the killed persons and the Rwandan society and is a shame to the justice.
  5. Lack of investigation into the massacres committed in 1995 in the KIBEHO camp in Rwanda, yet under the protection of UN peacekeepers.
  6. The deliberate intention of the international community to conceal the truth about the crimes committed by the RPF is a blatant disregard for the sanctity of the lives of the victims, which demonstrates the tacit complicity of certain powers in these unfortunate events which brought mourning to our peoples and continues to undermine stability in countries of Great Lakes region.

THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES believes that the prosecution of all those responsible for these despicable acts is the best way to eradicate the culture of impunity and send a strong signal to all those who have the same intentions to rob the people of their sacred right to life. A fair justice is the only salvation for any country aspiring to stability and social cohesion because judgments that will be delivered will undoubtedly contribute to the reparation of the damage caused to the victims of these acts of violence.

Considering the fact that the Rwandan refugees in thousands, alongside with their Congolese brothers and sisters, are amongst the victims of the massacres committed by the soldiers of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) in the DRC, THE GLOBAL VOICE OF THE RWANDAN REFUGEES would like to add their voice to all those who demand a fair justice for all the victims of these barbaric acts carried out by the bloodthirsty RPF. In this regard, GVRR supports Dr Denis MUKWEGE’s request to see all those cited in the UN Mapping report to answer for their acts before an independent tribunal.

Convinced that solidarity among people is a key factor and major weapon to face the ulterior motives of all those who seek the annihilation and enslavement of our peoples through repetitive massacres, THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES reiterates its support to all those who are making tireless efforts to ensure that the suppressed reports are implemented and that the crimes perpetrated by the RPF in the Great Lakes region are brought to justice.

In this respect, we pay tribute to: the Congolese associations LUCHA, FILIMBI, Eveil Patriotique, Civil Society of South Kivu, Civil Society of North Kivu, CENCO, Union of Bantu Peoples (UPB), Honorable Martin FAYULU, Archbishop of BUNIA, Dieudonné ULINGI, Bishop MUKUNA, Advocate Claude KATENDE of the ASADHO association, Mr. Charles ONANA, Mrs. Judi REVER, Mrs. MASAKO, the Nobel Prize winner Mr. Adolfo Perez ESQUIVEL and other human rights defenders as well as the religious who do not stop claiming the said justice.

THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES urges the international community to put a definitive end to the impunity that has reigned in the Great Lakes region since October 1990 by ending the protection granted to the arrogant and cruel regime in Kigali and to implement the conclusions of the above-mentioned reports so that all the culprits are identified, prosecuted and held accountable for crimes they deliberately committed.

THE GLOBAL VOICE OF RWANDAN REFUGEES invites all men and women who love peace and justice around the world, to follow in the footsteps of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Dennis MUKWEGE in his effort to break the cycle of violence through fair justice.


Done in Cape Town, September 3, 2020

JMV Nyilimbilima

Chairperson of GVRR

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