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28 FEBRUARY 2016

A group of men dressed in FARDC stormed Nyanzale, on Saturday 27,2016, killed one hutu man, when his family tried to recover his body more clashes followed and fighting went on all night. As we write this story more than 30 houses have been set ablaze and an unspecified number of people have lost their lives. This time the assailants seem to be originating from the Hunde tribe who are being supported by some elements fo the Congolese Armed Forces. After a short lull, the confrontation resumed this Sunday morning and no damages assessment is available to us at the present time. According to witnesses, as soon as the troubles started, FARDC troops fled the area, while MONUSCO tried to stop the fighting by firing warning shots in vain.

In the meantime, there is talk of a new Nande Militia calling itself Mai Mai Mazembe which has forced more that 500 Hutu families out of Mirangi. This group which is based in Walikale attacked Mirangi a part of Bwito, forcing hutu families to flee the area. These families have now found refuge in Kikuku, according to the local Radio Pole FM.

 Governor of North Kivu, Julien Paluku.

Governor of North Kivu, Julien Paluku.

We remind our readers that the current tribal confrontation is a part of a well orchestrated campaign to cleanse Eastern Congo of all hutu populations, refugees and non refugees alike. This sinister plan is being paid for by the Government of Rwanda and it is being coordinated by North Kivu Governor Julien Paluku who, in a recent act of political demagoguery declared that the troubles started because of the presence of Hutu refugees from Rwanda. The international community should start paying attention to the acts of the Kigali Govenrment in Eastern Congo. As we put this report together, there are unconfirmed reports that several Rwandese Defense Forces Units dressed up as FARDC are already deployed around Kanyabayonga tasked with coordination of all these civilian massacres and a potential assault on the Kanyabayonga transit camp where former fighters are being housed waiting for a more permanent settlement of the Rwandese conflict.


Goma, North Kivu DRC

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