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Many people, who are brainwashed by RPF-Inkotanyi propaganda, are still believing that RPF stopped the 1994 Rwandan massacres. This is a pure lie, RPF did whatever it could to make sure the killings do not stop before it can get a weapon to carry around the world in the name of “Genocide”. RPF was relying on this evil weapon to grab unshared power as it was certain that the elections after the transitional government (was supposed to be in place according to Arusha peace accord) were not in its favour. The reason was to tarnish the then government led by Jean Kambanda (Abatabazi government, when Theodore Sindikubwabo was the interim president after the death of Rwandan president Juvenal Habyalimana.

It is well known that the trigger of 1994 Rwandan massacres is the shooting down of the presidential jet that was carrying two presidents Juvenal Habyalimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira from Rwanda and Burundi, respectively. And both presidents come from the ethnic majority Hutu (85%) in both countries. This heinous act was performed by RPF-Inkotanyi composed mostly by ethnic minority tutsi (15%) in both countries. This event that occurred in 1994 followed the killings of the first hutu president in Burundi, Melchior Ndadaye who was elected by Burundians at 65 % votes where the poll was declared to be free and fair by international observers and no one in the country contested the poll, he was killed by Tutsi soldiers  before the end of his third month in office . The Burundian army was dominated by extremist tutsi that time (


After killing these two heads of state, RPF resumed immediately the fighting violating the cease fire that was in place. The infiltrated elements of RPF started the killings and Rwandan youth was pushed by a third force to join the killings. This was aggravated by the discovery of cache of weapons in the families that were supporting RPF. An example of analogy is what has been happening in Bujumbura recently, but Burundians are not in an open war they can deal with the situation smoothly and they know these tricks that were used in Rwanda. The resumption of fighting by RPF made impossible to Abatabazi government to make adequate resources available (personnel and material) to stop the spread of killings. Many attempts were made asking RPF to stop fighting, but it never hit the call.

It is also known that the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda (MINUAR/UNAMIR) led by General Romeo Dallaire played its part making sure that the number of troops is reduced before the shooting down of the airplane. This action of reducing the number of troops made many people wonder what the role of MINUAR in Rwanda was.

The real untold story is the letter written by RPF-Inkotanyi to the UN stating that it was not needed to send foreign troops to stop the carnage in Rwanda. The letter was written on the 30th April 1994, just 24 days after the ignition of the Rwandan killings. The reason given in this letter, the foreign troops were not necessary because all tutsis inside Rwanda had been killed. How people are now talking 100 days massacres? Did ever RPF think that the killings were targeting all ethnic groups that time? It is now known that close to 700 000 hutu died in 1994. This raises question who was killing these hutus? What I know is that some tutsi were killed because of their ethnic group and the same happened to Hutu (especially by RPF soldiers in the continuation of hutu population reduction termed “punguza”). These killings include some hutus who were killed by other hutus (robberies, existing misunderstanding, and different political views) and the same some tutsi were killed by RPF soldiers (of not supporting them, choosing to stay inside the country, etc…).

The famous letter written to UN to warn them not to send any foreign troops to Rwanda is attached to this article, here are some statements you will find inside.


It is clear that the RPF intention was to grab the unshared power at all cost. My concern is the way the lie was spread across the globe that RPF stopped the massacres when it allowed the massacres to continue for another 76 days. Using a pure logic, one can see that it is quite impossible to fail to stop the massacres if it was possible to send troops in Rwanda. In my view it could have taken maybe 2 weeks to bring order in the country and this could have reduced enormously the number of lost lives. It is bizarre to see leaders who chose to see people killing each other, preventing any external intervention, receiving awards of the so called “stopping genocide” in some western prestigious universities and institutions. Nowadays, it is no longer called only genocide it is “genocide against tutsi” which means hutu who were massacred by RPF soldiers should not be accounted for.

This real untold story that makes RPF-Inkotanyi uncomfortable was picked up by some Tutsi who lost their beloved ones in 1994. And if a mistake is made and they dare to open their mouth about it, they get killed or jailed (e.g. Kizito Mihigo and Deo Mushayidi). The committed crime is “genocide denial”.  It is not allowed to say that Hutu were killed in 1994, Mme Victoire Ingabire was accused of genocide denial when she asked where hutu memorial sites are built.


Rwandans, Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, it is time to reject RPF lies that divide us and continue to be a powerful weapon of the oppressor. I would encourage everybody to reject the new naming of “genocide against tutsi” which discriminates the dead and increases tension between our ethnic groups. This naming came into effect in 2008 after a lobby done by RPF together with its western allies as they could not explain how hutus were killed in 1994. It is known by now that some Hutu and some Tutsi were killed in 1994 because they were born hutu or tutsi. Let us be realistic, no one would be happy of the 1994 Rwandan massacres except these people who were projecting their political gains over the dead bodies of innocent people. Let us be knowledgeable about how the events that led to these massacres unfolded ( We need to remove from our heads RPF lies. It is shameful to support your oppressor spreading his lies. If you do it you are disempowering yourself and allowing the oppressor to take advantage. The start of defeating the oppressor is to reject his lies and to believe in yourself.

It was shown above that RPF-Inkotanyi never stopped the 1994 Rwandan killings. It is clear in its letter to the UN. Its goal was to grab unshared power and use a propaganda weapon of “Genocide” claiming that it stopped the killings it started itself. The same song is sung for our neighbouring country Burundi. It is no longer a secret because the leaders of CNDD-FDD have given a clear statement that Rwanda is creating chaos in their country in the same style it was done in Rwanda between 1990-94 ( A Rwandan proverb says that “ibuye ryagaragaye ntiriba rikishe isuka” translating that when you are working in the field (farm) using our traditional tool “ hoe”, this might survive the stone which was already seen lying on the ground where you are working.

Our ethnic groups should not be a problem. We should learn to live side by side respecting each other and knowing that we are equal in front of law. Remember our blood is red and no one should think his/her blood is better than the one of his/her neighbour. Politicians who use the ethnic card as a divisive tool should be ashamed.

Intabaza Reader,

David Rudatinya

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