Is CNRD-Ubwiyunge another new political party in the Rwandan opposition or a pure western corporation’s tool to oppose the struggle of oppressed Rwandans in exile?

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It is a tough question to answer but there are many indications that this new born party has been in the pipeline to dismantle the FDLR opposition party that is based in the eastern DRC forests. A background of what is happening in the great lakes region may help to understand how western corporations can be involved in Rwandan politics. It is known by now that the war launched to Rwandans on the 1st October 1990 by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) was fully supported by western countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Israel and Belgium ( RPF was mostly composed by ethnic minority Tutsi soldiers who fought along president Museveni to capture Kampala in 1987. Most RPF soldiers were Ugandans (especially high ranking officers). The justification of this war was the return of Tutsi refugees that fled the country in and after 1959 Rwandan revolution that abolished the monarchy. The Habyalimana government fought this war and negotiations between conflicting parties took place in Arusha, Tanzania. In late 1993 with many political parties involved, there was a hope of achieving good results where peace was about to return in the country with a good and lasting solution to refugees. Unfortunately, it was not the plan of RPF and its allies, and the Habyalimana presidential jet was shot down by RPF elements. This ignited the already engineered killings by the RPF infiltrated elements. All Rwandans were shocked by this unthinkable act of killing the president when it was time to conclude the negotiations by signatures of various political party leaders.
RPF managed to weaken the then government by using ethnic and regional cards with the help of some known people like Mr Faustin Twagiramangu. This politician is seen as a controversial figure in Rwandan politics. From his party, MDR, it was the same. He was seen as a man who thinks that he is always right in his reasoning. He chose to work with RPF to overthrow Habyalimana government together with Rwandan regular army (FAR), his colleagues in the opposition refused this move and were killed by RPF agents (Mr Emmanuel Gapyisi from MDR and Felicien Gatabazi from PSD). Mr Faustin Twagiramungu fell in this trap thinking that RPF caretakers would thank him for this contribution once they are in power. It was not the case, and in one year he was a designated prime minister he could not take any decision, he was just a hutu figurehead shown to donors. In short, RPF used weak mind politicians who were opposing Juvenal Habyalimana to grab unshared power after igniting and participating in the killings of close 1 million people in 1994 ( All politicians who helped RPF were killed, jailed or forced into exile (e.g. Seth Sendashonga, Theoneste Lizinde were killed in Kenya; Faustin Twagiramungu, Dr Anastase Gasana, Gen. Emmanuel Habyalimana are in exile).
These weak mind politicians were put in front in hunting and killing hutu population labelling them genocidaires inside and outside Rwanda. Once RPF was settled, the used politicians were discarded.
Why western corporations in these Rwandan affairs?
As I have mentioned above, RPF was supported by western powerful countries to grab unshared power. In 1996, the DRC war started with Desire Kabila together with Rwanda and Uganda to overthrow president Mobutu (Zaire). In this war, a carnage took place in Rwandan hutu refugee camps in the eastern DRC, close to 300 000 people lost their lives (FDLR is mainly made of survivors of these senseless killings) ( The details can be seen in the UN mapping report released in 2010. Once Desire Kabila took power and joined SADC, the thirsty of RPF to control DRC was on the card (current defence minister in Rwanda, James Kabarebe, was once a chief of staff of DRC army). President Desire Kabila refused this move of Rwandans to control DRC resources and the second war started. This war involved 8 countries including SADC countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe. From this time on there have been armed groups in the eastern DRC funded by either Rwanda or Uganda to loot natural resources (RCD, CNDP, M23, etc…) ( A closer look reveals that RPF has been a tool of western corporations to loot the eastern DRC natural resources.
Rwandan hutu refugees are a stumbling block for western corporations
These refugees have been abandoned by UNHCR since 1996. They live in the eastern DRC forests. The last survey showed that they are more than 245 000 refugees. In the last 20 years they have been under attack from Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) and FARDC (Congolese forces). These attacks are supported by Kigali regime and Kinshasa regime, they want to repatriate them forcefully to Rwanda. FDLR, made of refugees who defend their colleagues and speak out on their behalf, has tried all means to make their point that Rwanda is not safe for the return of refugees. The reason is simple, other refugees from elsewhere are not returning home and many Rwandans are still fleeing the country. There are many human right reports showing that people are disappearing in Rwanda and the justice system is not impartial (fabricated allegations are still in use) ( The demand of inter Rwandan dialogue to bring genuine peace and stability in the country is rejected by both the Rwandan government and the international community.
The international community is not showing its commitment in bringing peace in the region and this is demonstrated by MONUSCO forces that show their muscles against defenceless refugees. What is clear to people who live in the region is the overwhelming support to Rwanda in allowing the infiltrated Rwandan forces on DRC territory to hunt down refugees. This has been going on for many years. This complicity in the international community worries as it can be stated that the looting is not taking place the way it is planned because unwanted Rwandan refugees. And the Rwandan government want to kill or repatriate all refugees from DRC to make sure everybody is under control and no threat from any opposition group that can pick up arms to fight for their freedom. The Rwandan dictatorship is being supported by the international community, very hard to believe it.
The birth of CNRD-Ubwiyunge
FDLR has been seen as a very difficult committed group to dismantle by shooting. And I think the reason behind is that they do not have any other choice rather than surviving in their capacity where they have been abandoned for more than 20 years. They have on their shoulders more than 245 000 refugees being hunted like animals by RDF forces and DRC militia funded by Kigali regime. The experts of creating chaos in Africa, ENOUGH PROJECT (American organisation), have done studies how to dismantle FDLR by killing the top leadership and using other means of creating defections in its ranks.
Again and Again, Mr Faustin Twagiramungu is appearing in Rwandan community as the person who took the project for a reward in millions of dollars. This controversial figure in Rwandan politics is very good in dividing people. He succeeded before 1994 and he is trying again his lack in 2016 for a better reward. He has infiltrated FDLR using one top officer Col Wilson Irategeka who happened to be born from southern part of the small country Rwanda (Gitarama). Mr Faustin Twagiramungu who was born in Cyangugu (south western part of Rwanda) used the regional card to divide Rwandans before 1994. This officer Col Wilson Irategeka is accused of having worked closely with congolese forces to hunt down refugees or repatriate them forcefully and the use of regional card to create chaos within the FDLR ranks. The reason that Mr Faustin Twagiramungu and Col Wilson Irategeka are seen by many Rwandans that they are together in creating this defection in FDLR is the manner the information was handled and the way RDI (Rwandan Dream Initiative, political party of Mr Faustin Twagiramungu) members like Mr Albert Bimenyimana were involved in disseminating information and spreading lies against FDLR leadership. They have reached a point of calling on the international community to arrest the leaders of FDLR saying that they are killing refugees. This behaviour of reporting using fabricated allegations are well known in the RPF oppressive machinery. Rwandans now are shocked to see a political party in Rwandan opposition that is working on behalf of RPF. It is not very surprising because Mr Faustin Twagiramungu did the same before 1994, he was working with RPF to overthrow the government by absolute force where negotiations were in place.
Mr Faustin Twagiramungu and Col Wilson Irategeka managed to win some weak hearts FDLR fighters by telling them that they will be getting $200 a month and the lobbying is going well with a full support of western powers to overthrow Kigali regime after repatriating refugees. Mr Theobalt Rwaka (former minister in the RPF government) who is in America is making them believe that money is not an issue. The trick is to repatriate forcefully the refugees and after they can fight to take the capital city of Kigali. It is understandable that some poor souls who have been there in poverty might just accept these salty words hoping for the best.
The worst thing to be done by this newly formed party, CNRD-Ubwiyunge, is to work hand in hand with infiltrated Rwandan forces, Congolese forces and militia to hunt down refugees, forcing them to go back home against their will.
The reporting from FDLR says that it is a few individuals who defected with limited material, and this cannot in any way discourage them from continuing what they have been doing for the last 16 years, to protect the vulnerable refugees and seek the lasting solution for peace and stability of their mother land. Their arms are widely open to receive those who might realise that they fell in the trap of opportunists.
It is left to the readers to make sense of what is happening if really CNRD-Ubwiyunge is a new political party for Rwandan opposition or Enough Project is making some progress in creating chaos in the great lakes region.
The struggle in the great lakes region will be easy if our people are well informed. The opportunists might struggle to convince them if they have enough information of what is going on around them. Why can’t these western powers stop supporting an oppressive regime rather than supporting those who want to overthrow it? This reminds me a lot the western rhetoric of solving almost all problems by shooting. Sometimes having a dialog is the best and cheap solution, no loss of lives and material. Why do we have to choose the bloody path if there are other ways to solve problems? Is it because our kids or family members do not participate in these bloody battles? We tend to be heartless when we think that it is them, it is not us.
Another think to be done in this struggle is to reveal in time to the concerned parties who is busy signing hidden deals for selfish interests. This can discourage opportunists to take millions of dollars to kill innocent people taking them hostage using pure lies.
Intabaza reader
David Rudatinya

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5 Responses to Is CNRD-Ubwiyunge another new political party in the Rwandan opposition or a pure western corporation’s tool to oppose the struggle of oppressed Rwandans in exile?

  1. Uwimana Erodie says:

    Nshuki kandi bavandimwe,
    Namwe muribonera neza ko igihe kigeze ngo duhaguruke dutere ingabomubitugu FDLR naho nibyo Politique byose bisa n’aho ntacyo byamara. Bamwe bajayaga birirwa baririmba ngo ntacyo ntwageraho tutari kumwe na RNC, murabona ko nayo yari ibigambo gusa. Nta na rimwe Urwanda ruzigera rubohozwa n’aya mashyirahamwe yirirwa ashingwa n’abantu babiri cga 3 ngo ni amashaka. Ese ubundi uretse n’Urwanda mwigeze mubona aho abantu bashinga amashaka ya opposition akorera hanze y’igihugu yigeze agira icyo amarira abari mu gihugu? Ibintu ni bibiri gusa: Revolution ikorwa n’abaturage bari mu gihugu imbere cga Intambara itangizwa n’abari hanze. Turebye uko Urwanda ruyobowe muri iki gihe, Revolution ntabwo ishoboka, ubwo rero igisigaye ni intambara ntabwo ari ibigambo by’ibi bimina ngo ni amashaka. Kugeze ubu organisation yagaragaje ko yapfa guhangana na Kagame ni FDLR, mureke rero tuyishigikire cga aba biyita abanyamashaka bashinge indi mitwe ya gisirikari ariko atari imwe yo kuri facebook nk’Imvejuru cga Urukatsa. Gusa njye inama nabagira niba mushaka kubohoza Urwanda mutere ingabo mubitugu FDLR kuko urebye igihe imaze n’ibibazo yagiye ihura nabyo ikanga ikaba icyemye, ni ikimenyetso gikomeye cyerekana ko ifite ingufu, gusa iracyakeneye n’izo ngufu mwiritwa mutagaguza ngo muri mumashyaka. Umucunguzi ni Rubanda
    Harakabaho Rubanda,
    Harakabaho FDLR n’abanyarwanda
    Mukore rero tubari inyuma

  2. kwihangana says:

    Burya ntakitagira iherezo.Ubu kuvukana imbuto bya fake byavuyeho.none igisigaye nuko kagame yica abantu izuba riva niyo Sanduku yubwiteganyirize kuko amafaranga ntacyo amumariye keretse kunywa amaraso yinzirakarengane.umwami akorera azamuhembe.

  3. kwihangana says:

    Ikibazo bafite nuko bica abantu bose bazi gusoma no kwandika Kandi batazabamaraho utazi ubwenge ashima ubwe.abacunguzi imana nabantu tubari inyuma.mukomere.

  4. Ndikubwima says:


    Amakuru aturuka ahizewe neza aremeza ko Kaguta (M7),Kagome, Buyoya na Kabila bazanye abacancuro bakomoka muri Somaliya na Etiyopiya babahuza n’abaganda n’abanyarwanda bakora umutwe w’ingabo, babohereza i Kindu. Aho i Kindu ngo bafite umugambi wo kurwanya FDLR bakayisenya nyuma bagakomeza bajya gutera Uburundi.

    Aya makuru yamenyekanye kubera umugaba w’ingabo i Kindu wo mu bwoko bw’ababembe bahamagaje i Kinshasa bakamuha amabwiriza y’ukuntu izo ngabo agomba kuzivanga muza FARDC ayoboye kugira ngo mu gihe zizahangana na FDLR bazavuge ko ari FARDC iri guhiga inyeshyamba z’abahutu bo muri FDLR. Uwo musirikari rero, ufite ipeti rya général ntiyashoboye kumvikana na Kabila kuri ayo manyanga. Ubwo Kabila yahise amwica kuko yari amenye imipango ya Empire Hima- Tusi. Umusirikari mwene wabo uri i Kinshasa ni we wasoheye iri banga akimara kubona uko bishe mwene wabo. Umurambo w’uyu musirikari mukuru wayoboraga ingabo bawuzanye i Kindu aho ugomba gushingurwa.

    Inzego z’iperereza za Leta y’Uburundi zikaba zikomeje iperereza kugira ngo zimenye neza imipango yose y’izi nyenzi ziyemeje kwangaza abahutu n’abatutsi bose bashaka amahoro n’ubumwe, batumva imigambi mibisha yabo.

    Bacunguzi, Ntwari zacu, muryamire amajanja kuko turabona ba KKK (3K) baranze kuva kw’izima, banze kunamura icumu.Bazapfa karibwaribwa kuko ntibateze kuzatsinda Rubanda. Rubanda Nyarwanda na Rubanda Barundi twishyire hamwe, twivune umwanzi wacu ariwe Kaguta, Kagome na Kabila. Abo ba 3K bashaka ko Nkurunziza avanwa ku butegetsi bakimika Buyoya hanyuma bagakomeza umugambi wabo wa Empire hima tutsi.

    Peuple Rwandais et Peuple Burundais, unissons- nous et, nous remporterons la bataille contre cette hégémonie hima tutsi.

    Que l’Esprit- Saint nous guide et nous fortifie.

  5. Mwizerwa says:

    The real FDLR militants should not be worried of these few greedy guys for they are not the first ,there were big people well armed and internationally supported but they failed and the last one to be taught the lesson was M23. Consider this proverb “The war becomes tough when it is towards lts end” Iyo urugamba rukomeye ruba rugiye kurangira”. Everyone who has eyes can see whom they are working for. Even thaugh their virus has reached far their regret will come faster and soon or later law will play its role upon them for there will be nowhere to hide themeselves.

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